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Common Misconceptions About the Caller Experience

By Scott Greggory

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

We’ve been providing On Hold Marketing (OHM) and related services since 1989, but we still find that many of our clients and prospects have a few misconceptions about what we do and how they can benefit from it.

So, we asked some of our team members about the questions and concerns they hear most often.

Thanks for Holding

“Some people think that all On Hold Marketing copy can be summed up in phrases like ‘your call is important to us’ and ‘please stay on the line.’ But we avoid clichés like those since they add no value,” said Creative Consultant Daniel DiManna.

Instead, we focus on delivering concise content that reinforces your brand and helps your callers make informed – and easier – buying decisions. But that doesn’t mean we only talk about what you sell.

“There are companies that use their OHM content to constantly push their products and services or drive callers to their website,” said Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans. “But On Hold Marketing that’s full of self-serving messages like that can leave a negative impression on callers and cause them to tune out.” We’re always working to serve you by first serving your callers. If they’re engaged or entertained while on hold, they’ll reward you by staying on the line longer, calling again and even making purchases.

Technology Changes

“Over the years, several clients have reached out to cancel their On Hold Marketing program because they thought their new VoIP phone system didn’t support the service,” said Fulfillment Manager Susan Harris. “But they’re always very happy after I tell them that their system does allow them to use our On Hold Marketing.”

We’ve worked with about every type of phone system, so just let us know about any changes you’ve made or are considering and we’ll help you take full advantage of OHM’s marketing capacity.

Better is Possible

“There are still people who think that Caller Experience Marketing isn’t worth worrying about,” said Steve Evert, Director of BusinessVoice. “That’s because they’ve had so many weak interactions with auto attendants and On Hold Marketing that they believe those encounters can’t get any better. But when they hear what’s possible, when they learn about our commitment to the caller experience, they get excited about we can do for their brand.”

“Every moment a prospect or customer spends on the phone with your company is an opportunity to strengthen that relationship and build loyalty,” said Creative Consultant Bob Seybold. “If you don’t invest in informing, educating or entertaining your callers, why would they invest their time and patience in you?”