Susan O

Susan Jones

Fulfillment Manager

Susan oversees the installation of the digital announcers that serve as playback machines for our On Hold Marketing content. “I also make sure each new OHM production is loaded to the correct location, whether that’s through our remote download technology or by sending the audio file to a third-party phone vendor,” said Susan.

And she’s not afraid to go above and beyond for a client. “One of our client locations installed a phone system that was new to both them and us. I had never worked with that software before. So, to prevent any headaches for the client, I worked with their vendor to educate myself about the system’s OHM loading process. As a result, we were able to take care of it all for the client.”

Susan believes in the value of a great caller experience. “I’ve called several businesses over the years and thought I was disconnected after being put on hold in silence. Customers are too hard to come by to risk losing them to a misunderstanding like that.”

“I have to say that it is not often that I am surprised by a company, but you just surprised me. You checking in to see how the experience feels from a client perspective is impressive. Thank you.”

Daniel Lucas
Equity Trust

“Susan was very quick and helpful with my request while you were out. Thanks for the fantastic customer service!”

Kris Lepak
UMB Fund Services, Inc.

“Thanks for your great service!”

Loren Tusing, Assistant Manager
Grand Home Furnishings