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Caller Experience Training

There’s a lot to consider when handling incoming phone calls, whether you’re managing a large contact center or sitting behind a single reception desk.

Caring for customer calls is far too important to leave to chance. So, if your frontline phone staff needs specialized training to deliver a great caller experience, count on BusinessVoice.
Your callers will respond more positively to telephone professionals who are friendly, polite and focused on their needs. When your staff is also efficient, brand aware and respectful of each caller’s time, you’ll be on your way to creating memorable caller experiences.

Our CSR training will lead your team through an inspiring seminar, teaching the following:

  • How to infuse customer engagement essentials into telephone calls
  • How to build trust and rapport through communication and active listening skills
  • How to handle objections, customer complaints and other negative situations
  • How to increase customer share and promote customer loyalty
  • How world-class telephone etiquette builds positive brand image

This program is designed for customer service staff, sales professionals and anyone else who regularly represents your company on the phone.

To learn more, email us or call +1 800.473.9005.