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On Hold Marketing of the Month

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

‘Round here, our warm summer nights are often filled with Mud Hens baseball. So, we’re happy to offer a tip of the cap to this longtime client and celebrate our winning partnership.

This Toledo company has been in the A/V business since 1954, and we’ve been providing their On Hold Marketing since 2003. Together, that’s a lot of experience. Listen to what we do for the Jamiesons team and their callers.

When calling a company known for its highly secure shredding services, you might not expect to giggle while on hold. But the team at AccuShred thinks that differentiation is the perfect reason to use our Humor On Hold.

What could possibly be funny about carbon steel round bar, tool steel drill rod and aluminum hex bar? Well, it takes a little work, but we find the humor in those and related topics and apply it to the On Hold Marketing productions we create for this long-time client.

We can vouch for The Toledo Club. They’re our UpTown Toledo neighbor, just a couple blocks away. So, our team has been there many times for lunches, presentations and Christmas parties. That personal insight has helped us create their On Hold Marketing for the last 20 years.

There’s no reason B-to-B marketing content can’t be fun. This Humor On Hold production is aimed at small businesspeople who are calling a large national business – NAPA. Enjoy a listen.