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Our History

Our roots date to the late 1980s when we began as a music recording studio.

By 1989, our founder Jerry Brown recognized an opportunity to combine his knowledge of recording and high-end telephone systems with marketing. And On Hold Marketing – as we knew it, anyway – was born.

In those pre-Internet days, we didn’t know that a few other people were working on a similar concept. But, without a doubt, we were – and still are – industry pioneers. In fact, we’ve developed several ideas that other providers eventually implemented.

We’ve worked with several Fortune 500 companies and have served more than 100 of our clients for 25 years or longer. Along the way, we’ve earned more awards for creative and marketing excellence than any other agency of our type.

From the beginning, we’ve prioritized serving our clients well by first serving their callers.


BusinessVoice has either co-founded or joined organizations that are dedicated to the betterment of marketing and the customer experience. Learn more about our involvement below.

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Since 2001, BusinessVoice has been an active member of the Experience Marketing Association (EMA). EMA’s membership consists of agencies that provide audio, video and/or sensory marketing services. The group evolved from the former On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA). EMA promotes best-practice customer experience and marketing standards and works to ensure its members deliver excellence across the full spectrum of sound, sight and scent solutions.

Each year, EMA presents the MARCE Awards to recognize marketing and creative excellence in On Hold Marketing, Interactive Voice Response and Scent Marketing. BusinessVoice has earned more MARCEs than any other Caller Experience Marketing provider.

BusinessVoice has implemented the EMA Production User License. It’s issued to all BusinessVoice clients, providing assurance that music and other licensing costs are completely covered for all locations receiving our service.


BusinessVoice and our parent company, MadAveGroup, are founding members of The Customer Experience Marketing Alliance. It’s a partnership of four marketing groups from around the world.

The reciprocal relationships we have with other CEMA members allow us to provide you with seamless Caller Experience Marketing solutions at just about any point on the planet. No other American agency can make that claim.


The mission of this national organization is to protect and promote the well-being of advertising. Our involvement with our local AAF chapter dates back to the early 1990s.

Our CEO Jerry Brown, Chief Creative Officer Scott Greggory and Chief Brand Officer of our Design2Influence agency Terry Lesniewicz have all received The Silver Medal Award, AAF Toledo’s highest honor.

Two of our team members have served as chapter President.

Since 1994, we’ve won dozens of AAF ADDY Awards for creative excellence, including three Best of Show awards.

Members of our staff have presented at the AAF monthly speakers’ series, served on several boards and contributed written, audio and video content to the ADDY Awards ceremony for many years.