Jerry Brown

Founder & CEO

In the late 1980s, Jerry was one of only a few people independently conceiving of On Hold Marketing. He merged his in-depth knowledge of business development and sophisticated telephone systems with his interest in audio recording to address an opportunity: helping companies market themselves, while serving their callers on hold.

Having built BusinessVoice from the ground up, Jerry now oversees the agency’s direction, financial stability and unique culture. In 2013, he founded MadAveGroup to serve as the umbrella for BusinessVoice and several other marketing agencies.

Jerry’s long list of honors includes many sales awards. He received 2012’s Silver Medal Award, the highest honor given by the American Advertising Federation. And in 2016, he was inducted into the Entrepreneurial and Business Excellence Hall of Fame.

Along with a passion for the customer experience, Jerry brings an adventurous spirit to our agency. His enthusiasm for life includes a love of music, rugby and motorcycles.

“Congrats to you and your staff on your growth. We love working with you and will continue to do so. You do an incredible job for us! Thank you.”

Sharon Goldner
Parker Steel