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On Hold Marketing of the Month

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Even if you don’t need a chisel plow or forage harvester right now, think about ringin’ up these folks to enjoy the stories we create for their callers on hold. You’ll like that we make the audio smell like a cornfield, too.

The management of this Southern California resort has a sense of humor and enjoys delivering a fun experience. That’s why they rely on us to entertain their callers with Humor On Hold.

When your competitors include big national companies with equally big marketing budgets, it’s even more important to find ways to differentiate your brand. That’s one of the reasons this Central California company relies on our Humor On Hold. Take a listen.

There’s nothing like hittin’ the road and taking your home with you. That’s a dream that General RV helps people realize every day. And we’re happy to help them communicate the value they deliver.

Moving can be stressful. That’s why MVM Moving and Storage chose us to provide their On Hold Marketing. They know that our Humor On Hold can help callers laugh and that helps them relax.