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Why We Don’t Thank Your Callers for Holding

By Scott Greggory

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

I don’t like to exercise, but I do it. And when I work out, I like to watch TV. Getting my daily Netflix fix takes my mind off the fact that I’m pedaling to nowhere in my living room.

Sometimes, when I’m enjoying a great program, I’ll forget to check the readout on my stationary bike to see if I’ve hit my goal for the session. But that’s actually good, because the less I’m thinking about my exercise, the faster I seem to finish it.

The same is true for your callers on hold. They know they’re waiting, so we don’t remind them about it.

The Better Alternative

When writing the copy for your On Hold Marketing productions, we purposely avoid phrases such as “Thank you for holding” and “We apologize for the delay” because they only reinforce a negative.

Instead, we work to create content that engages, informs and even entertains your callers, not only to shorten their perceived wait, but to provide them with a valuable experience that supports good feelings about your brand.

Using humor on hold is one way we can help callers forget that they’re holding. Listen to a few samples here.