On Hold Marketing Services

Your callers have expectations.

They expect answers to their questions and insight they can apply to buying decisions. And they expect you won’t waste their time.

You’ll exceed those expectations with On Hold Marketing, Caller Experience Audits and Automated Caller Experience services from BusinessVoice. And when you provide customers with what they want, they’ll consider their time on the phone with you to be a worthy investment.

Since 1989, we’ve partnered with clients across the United States and abroad to create on-brand caller environments. We deliver impactful marketing content when audiences are most receptive. And we can help you earn caller trust, customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

No off-the-shelf solutions here. Our On Hold Marketing services will address your specific needs. We can:

  • Reinforce your brand
  • Increase awareness of your products
  • Reduce caller abandonment
  • Shorten your callers’ perceived wait times
  • Delight callers with our award-winning Humor On Hold

Our Caller Experience Audits can uncover weaknesses you might never hear on your own. And we apply Automated Caller Experience services to make navigating your company’s phone tree as efficient and logical as possible.

How On Hold Marketing Services Keep Your Customers Happy

When you walk into a nice restaurant, you’re counting on a great experience. The food, the service, the ambiance – everything should feel intentional, like someone thought through all the details with your enjoyment in mind.

The best caller experiences feel that way, too, as if the people you’re calling anticipated your questions and needs. That takes caring, planning and executing well, three of our behind-the-scenes specialties that keep your callers happy.

It all begins with a thorough discovery process, which leads to a smart program design based on your calling patterns and marketing needs.

Then, your dedicated BusinessVoice Creative Consultant takes over. Each month that you’re scheduled for an On Hold Marketing content update, your Consultant will reach out with questions and suggestions to begin the copy creation process or, if you’d prefer, a newly written script.

Once you approve your new On Hold Marketing copy, we’ll record it, mix it with music and distribute it to your locations.

That proactive updating process is part of our agency’s DNA. We committed to it on day one to make On Hold Marketing easy for you and to ensure even your most frequent callers hear current content.

We help you seize the opportunity to provide an outstanding experience. And that keeps callers happy.

Callers listening to music or silence perceive wait times to be 2x longer than those listening to messaging

Benefits of On Hold Marketing

Create a Positive Caller Experience

Do your callers hear silence on hold? Or one message repeating every 45 seconds? Or the exact same phone system music many other companies play? Or that annoying beep? If so, you’re missing a chance to wow your customers. They might even think you don’t care about their time or experience. That can lead to negative assumptions about the level of service you provide. But our caller-focused On Hold Marketing services usher customers into your business with a warm welcome and valuable information.

Build Top-of-Mind Awareness

The people who call your company are ready to either 1) learn or 2) buy. Sometimes both. So, the time they spend on hold is the perfect opportunity to promote your new service, higher-margin products or add-on purchases that make sense. We work to craft On Hold Marketing content that encourages your customers to respond with questions or purchases.

Reduce Call Abandonment

Callers who hang up because of long hold times or poor customer service may never call back. That’s reason enough to invest in a great telephone environment. Our Caller Experience Audits, Automated Caller Experience content and On Hold Marketing services are all designed to keep callers engaged, informed and even entertained so they stay on the line.

Reinforce Your Brand

It’s important to remind people of your unique value and who you are as often as possible. That means communicating the core elements of your brand with consumers wherever they are: online, in-store and, yes, on the phone. However subtly, people understand that the experience your company provides during a phone call is an indicator of the care and service they can expect down the road.

Mirror Other Marketing

There are benefits to maintaining consistency across marketing channels. 1) Your brand’s value is easier to recall when your messaging is the same at each touchpoint and 2) your audience is more likely to believe a singular, focused message. The BusinessVoice Creative team will always work to include your established brand language in your On Hold Marketing content or we can develop a new direction for you.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

A watched pot never boils. In other words, callers who are interested and engaged in the On Hold Marketing we create are less likely to focus on their wait and more on the content. To put it another way, time flies when you’re having fun. (And many clients have told us how much fun our Humor On Hold is.)

On Hold Marketing Content

Top-of-Mind Awareness

When people call your company, they have a need. That means they’re more receptive to the information they hear while on hold. So, consider using your On Hold Marketing content to promote the products and services your customers may be buying elsewhere. Upsell or cross-sell to callers. Remind them of add-on items that people need or appreciate but often forget to order. Or answer the questions that typically precede purchases.


Without a thoughtful telephone environment in place it’s easy to lose control of how callers perceive your company. That’s why we don’t leave your brand to chance. Through smart program design and well-crafted On Hold Marketing content, we’ll present you in the best possible light, serving your needs by first serving the needs of your callers.


Your callers on hold are a captive audience – as long as they don’t hang up. To prevent call abandonment, we work to deliver value. That might include providing callers with helpful or interesting information on a variety of topics or insight into what you sell. When people feel well-informed, they feel confident. When they have confidence in you, they’re more likely to buy from you.


We use our On Hold Marketing services to promote the game schedules of minor league sports teams and the class schedules for several colleges. Does your company sponsor or produce public training sessions, family activities, open houses or other community events? We can share the details via your On Hold Marketing content.

On Hold Marketing Examples

The work we do for you will be custom, created just for your company and audience. To hear what we’ve done for a few others, though, check out these samples. You can also listen to audio samples on our On Hold Marketing of the Month blog and the Humor On Hold page.

We combine the same elements as other On Hold Marketing providers: copy, music and voices, mixed with a little technology. The difference: our work is hand-crafted by on-site Creative Consultants (not AI software) who write custom content for each client. They don’t just pull your copy from an industry-specific list that your competitors might also be using. That means your content is truly yours. We also use human voiceover professionals (not AI-generated voices) and skilled Recording Engineers with degrees in audio engineering.

BusinessVoice programs are designed by caller experience professionals who have your marketing success at heart. Our writers train regularly on how to deliver value to callers. And our Fulfillment team is committed to bringing all the technical and delivery elements together properly.

We think about this stuff! We care about quality. And we’re always trying to elevate our work for the benefit of our clients and their customers.

We understand that each call to your company represents the possibility of a long-term relationship, so we do everything we can to encourage that valuable connection.

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Why Choose BusinessVoice for Your On Hold Marketing Services?

The caller experience is just a part of the overall customer experience. Still, callers don’t like it when their time on hold is disregarded. They understand that the care they experience when calling is an indicator of the service they’ll receive in the future.

At BusinessVoice, we believe in the potential of each incoming phone call, so we work to add value to every call. And then there’s our experience. We’ve been specializing in On Hold Marketing since 1989. We know how to design cost-effective programs, create memorable content and take care of you every step of the way. In short, you’ll never regret choosing BusinessVoice.

Look below for a few more reasons we’re the best option or feel free to call us if you’d like to talk about your company’s needs: 1-800-473-9005.

Award-Winning Caller Experience Marketing Agency

Fact: No On Hold Marketing provider has been honored more often for creative and marketing excellence than BusinessVoice. Since 1994, we’ve earned 150+ awards from local, national and international competitions, including four Best of Show prizes. That means our work stands out in very competitive crowds. By the way, we’ve earned most of those trophies for our Humor On Hold.

Proactive Content Updates

With BusinessVoice, you’ll never need to worry that your On Hold Marketing content has been running too long. That’s because your program includes regularly scheduled content updates. Your Creative Consultant will contact you with questions, suggestions and/or completed copy each month you’re due for an update.

Dedicated Creative Consultants

Consistency is important. That’s why we’ll assign a skilled BusinessVoice Creative Consultant to your account on day one. That person will research and write your Caller Experience Marketing content and assist you with related creative projects.


Now, your callers have more choices. With CXSelect, they can:

  • Choose from several on hold music styles
  • Directly interact with your in-queue and
    on hold messages
  • Opt for a callback from your next
    available staff member

And you can track your callers’ responses to audible content. When they indicate they want to learn more about your products and services, CXSelect automatically sends text messages that link them to your website and the specific information they want.

Humor On Hold

Ready to provide your callers with a unique experience? Consider Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice. Since 1994, we’ve been serving companies across the country, giving their customers the unexpected gift of laughter. And get this: many of those clients have told us that their callers actually ask to be placed back on hold so they can finish listening to our content! Listen to a few Humor On Hold samples for yourself.

BusinessVoice News Network

When you subscribe to the BusinessVoice News Network, we’ll upload three news and/or lifestyle stories to your Internet-connected On Hold Marketing systems each weekday morning. The BVNN stories are automatically interspersed into your existing On Hold Marketing content, so callers hear a mix of your most important marketing messages, plus news they can use from across the country and around the world.


Your dedicated BusinessVoice Creative Consultant will work with you to suggest the best Voice Talent and music for your brand and audience. Copy tone may also influence Voice Talent selection. Listen to all our voices here.

When it comes to music, we typically recommend utilizing a variety of tracks within the genre that best fits your brand. Changing selections with each update keeps your caller experience fresh for repeat callers. Listen to our music styles here.

We’ll work with you to determine the ideal update frequency of your On Hold Marketing updates. We’ll consider how often your customers call, your average and longest hold times, your marketing needs, the nature of your content and other factors. At each scheduled update, your dedicated BusinessVoice Creative Consultant will reach out to suggest ideas and get your input before they create copy for your team’s approval.

We can deliver On Hold Marketing productions in several ways, and will work with your IT team and/or 3rd party phone services provider to determine the best delivery method. Instead of sending production updates via email or physical media to be manually loaded, BusinessVoice offers remotely loaded announcers that are loaded via internet or phone lines overnight, ensuring your content is telecasting on-schedule. Equipment and installation are provided as part of your BusinessVoice service.

If remote-loading is not an option, BusinessVoice will engineer and label audio files to your systems specifications and load those files via web portal or share with IT staff/partners for loading.

BusinessVoice has 1000’s of selections of fully licensed production music – tracks that are specifically created for commercial use. You’ll receive a certificate of licensure showing your company is permitted to use that music for your On Hold Marketing. If ASCAP, BMI, or any other licensing organization contacts you, you’ll be able to direct them to our team and we’ll provide them with everything needed to satisfy their inquiry.