Why Caller Experience Marketing?

You may have never heard the phrase Caller Experience Marketing (CXM) before. That’s because we coined it. But that doesn’t mean the need for CXM isn’t legitimate. It absolutely is.

Caller Experience Marketing refers to all the marketing and customer service-related efforts we make for your company’s telephone touchpoints.

Those efforts might include providing valuable information for your callers on hold, creating contact center recordings that easily guide your callers to their desired destination, or providing skills training for your CSRs. We can also perform an audit of your overall caller experience to identify any opportunities for improvement.

There are many weaknesses that can drive away callers and lead to brand damage.

Does the experience your company provides suffer from any of these problems?

  • Recorded content that’s not caller-focused
  • Frustratingly repetitive in-queue messages
  • Wordy, inefficient contact center messaging
  • Long and/or silent hold times

A Caller Experience Marketing program from BusinessVoice will raise the level of service your company delivers at a crucial point in the buying / customer relationship cycle.