Caley Dennis

Creative Consultant

“I enjoy finding creative solutions to problems,” said Caley. “The best ideas aren’t always the most logical or expected.”

A lifelong writer and creative, Caley earned her BFA from Santa Fe University of Art and Design in 2015. From there she jumped into the New Mexico arts and entertainment industry and held several roles supporting an immersive experience startup as it grew from one to three locations.

Her passions for writing and problem solving converged when she joined MadAveGroup in the summer of 2023.

Caley draws on her conjoined creative and administrative experience when working with clients. “I have a deep appreciation for the art of business. Balancing company vision, financials and culture, when done well, is a joy to observe.” And Caley believes marketing is a critical piece, too. “I want to help clients shine in their marketing efforts, so their company can succeed as a whole.”

Caley’s north star? Focusing on giving more than she takes. “Providing value builds trust. And you might be surprised to find that when you give, you’re more likely to receive what you want in return.”

When not hard at work, Caley loves to dance and teaches at a local dance studio.

“Caley – Thank you for your help and creativity!”

Anna Gallagher, Director of Marketing
Otterbein Senior Life