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5 Promises from the BusinessVoice Creative Team

By Scott Greggory

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There are five promises BusinessVoice Creative Consultants re-commit to each time they research and write your On Hold Marketing content.

1) We will uncover and present the truth about your company. We will not resort to hyperbole when writing about any aspect of your business because misrepresenting your brand can only lead to disappointed customers.

2) Whenever possible, we will provide proof of our claims so that your audience can trust what we’ve written on your behalf. That proof may be presented as statistics, survey results, testimonials or in other forms.

3) During our conversations and email exchanges, we will listen and look for story ideas. By telling compelling stories about your team, what you do and what you value, we’ll help you make memorable, emotional connections with your audience.

4) We will include specific calls to action in your copy whenever that information is available. A C.T.A. provides a clear path that your callers can follow to find more details or make a purchase.

5) We will strive to present information to your audience in new or unique ways, whether it’s through humor, innovative concepts, or other creative uses of language, music, sound effects and/or voiceover. Our goal is to turn your callers’ hold time into a valuable experience that elevates your brand.