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One Way to Tell Your Story to Callers On Hold

By Scott Greggory

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I admit it: whenever I hear a certain On Hold Marketing production, I get a little choked up.

It’s the work we produced for Notre Dame Academy, an all-girls school in our hometown of Toledo, Ohio.

The production features segments from real interviews conducted with six bright, articulate students. Their words are inspiring; full of hope, emotion and gratitude. They paint a wonderful audible portrait of what life is like at the school.

And I’m drawn into what they have to say every time I hear the piece.

In a sense, those young women are Notre Dame’s customers. And the short stories they tell are testimonials about what NDA sells.

Does your company have passionate supporters? People who are truly thankful for what you do? People whose lives you’ve affected for the better?

If so, ask them to tell their story about why they value what you do so much.

We can help. We’ll call your customer to ask them a few questions. They can record their answers on a smart phone and then send us the audio file. Or they can just leave their comments in one of our voicemail boxes.

Satisfied customers who eagerly speak for you are just about the best advertising you can get. And when their enthusiasm shines through, you can end up with some truly engaging stories.

By the way, our production for Notre Dame Academy won the Best Branding and Best of Show honors at the 2017 MARCE Awards, an annual competition that acknowledges the world’s best On Hold Marketing. You can listen to it here.