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What Do You Want Your Callers To Do?

By Scott Greggory

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When we’re designing your On Hold Marketing program, we’ll help you define your marketing goals during our discovery process.

Then, each time we create new content for you, we’ll consider those goals and apply specific strategies and tactics to help you meet them.

And here’s a tasty detail: We’ll also work to identify specific calls-to-action that we can use in your copy.

What makes that so important?

A lot of On Hold Marketing copy doesn’t do a very good job of helping callers respond to information they’ve just heard. The calls-to-action are vague – or even non-existent – so callers don’t know what to do after learning about a product, a service or an offer.

But we make it easy for your callers to take the next step in the buying process. We’ll tell them which employee or extension to request for more details, or which promo code to use when speaking with your sales rep or ordering online.

And with our exclusive Heard On Hold feature, we can give your callers quick access to any page of your website or social media channels, no matter how long the URL or how buried the page may be. (Your callers’ actions are measurable, too.)

For more details on these benefits, please email Steve Evert or call him at +1 800.473.9005.