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Building Trust With Callers

By Scott Greggory

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While your telephone connects you to customers, it also keeps you separated.

Your callers can’t see you, shake your hand or pick up on your body language, which means they have no visual or physical clues to your trustworthiness.

What the phone does, though, is focus your customers on what you say and how you say it.

So, one way we can help your callers trust you is by incorporating your values into your On Hold Marketing content.

The process begins with your introspection. What do you believe in? What lessons do you want to pass on to your kids? What phrase would you want on your tombstone?

Once you share that insight with us, we can filter the copy we create through your values, making sure that what we write reflects what’s important to you personally and/or as a brand.

That type of marketing content can be more human and more relatable. And, ideally, it will draw customers closer, making it easier for them to begin a relationship with you and your company.