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Why You Should Invest in a Better On Hold Experience

By Scott Greggory

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Great experiences stay with you, whether it’s a vacation in a beautiful place, an amazing concert, or a meal with close friends.

The best marketing and advertising content stays with you, too.

It does more than deliver 15 or 30 seconds worth of information. It finds a way into a corner of your head. It lingers in your heart and affects you long after you see or hear it. It leaves you with an intended feeling about the brand. And when you add an element of surprise to that mix, you’ve really got something memorable.

That’s what we can create for you: an on hold experience that makes a unique impression on your valuable callers, while informing and providing clear calls to action.

And since most callers don’t expect much from their time on hold, they’re bound to enjoy your creative, caller-focused content even more.

There are plenty of companies that crank out basic On Hold Messaging. But, do you like the idea of turning a “nothing” moment into a memorable branding opportunity? Would you rather provide an experience that your current and potential customers will remember?

What is that worth to you and your brand?