The Client - Owens Community College (Our client since 2005)

What They Do

Owens Community College offers more than 70 academic programs and certificates to those preparing for a career or retraining for a new type of work. Owens students can also pursue professional development or earn credits toward a four-year college or university degree, sometimes while still in high school. The average class size of just 14 students allows for plenty of personal attention, too.

Owens offers a complete college experience with an active campus life, student activities, clubs and organizations, Express athletics and volunteer opportunities.

The Writer’s Notes

Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans has been writing the Owens On Hold Marketing copy since late 2019. “Lately, I’ve been on a mission to humanize their scripts,” she said. “So, while we’re still raising awareness about available courses, we also include helpful reminders and promote various programs.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Cassandra Evans
Voice Talent: Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

The Client - Jamiesons Audio Video (Our client since 2003)

About the Client

With nearly 70 years of experience, the team at Jamiesons has seen the complete evolution of home entertainment. When they first opened for business in 1954, brothers Dan and Dick Jamieson sold records, tapes, TV tubes, diamond needles and hi-fi sets.

Today, this family-run company offers 8-K TVs, high-definition audio, smart home systems and everything you’ll need for a home theater, all from their Toledo, Ohio store.

The Writer’s Take

Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold has been working with Jamiesons ever since they came on board with us. He said, “In an industry where products have become commodities sold for increasingly lower margins, Jamiesons offers unique value - it’s a level of personal service and deep product knowledge that helps their customers get the most from their home entertainment experience.”

As you listen to the audio above, you’ll notice that Bob emphasized the word "play" in his copy. “Playing is the opposite of working,” he said. “It's what most of us want to do when we're home with our families or friends. So, the statement ‘Let Jamiesons help you play’ is a value proposition that everyone can understand.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

The Client - Binkelman (Our client since 1996)

An Unusual Approach

The first half of this Humor On Hold production combines an odd story with a sort of stream-of-consciousness delivery. It violates one of our own rules - keeping content concise to improve the likelihood that callers will hear complete messages - but the rambling voice adds to the unique feel. We also know that Binkelman callers have often asked to be put back on hold to hear entire productions, so we have a hunch our audience is okay with the format.

“The second half of this one features voiceover from my daughter Ella,” said the writer Scott Greggory. “She’s developed this bored teenager character over the last few years and it always cracks me up. So, I wrote copy specifically for the character and asked Ella to record it. It’s really nice that I don’t have to pay her.”

About the Client

Binkelman is a parts distributor that services mining, glass, automotive, agricultural, energy and steel operations. They sell custom and off-the-shelf fabricated parts to companies across the country. They also provide training and services to reduce their customers' downtime and optimize the service life of the parts they provide. The Binkelman team is a long-time supporter of our Humor On Hold concept.

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory and his daughter Ella
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

The Client - Downey PHCE (Our client since 2018)

What They Do

Based in Bowling Green, Ohio, Downey Plumbing Heating Cooling and Electrical has served commercial and residential customers since 1995. Founder Shaun Downey has grown his company from a one-man show to a multi-truck operation with nearly two dozen employees who provide a full range of services.

Why Humor On Hold?

The Downey team recognizes the unique value of our Humor On Hold. They want to entertain their callers and make their experience as enjoyable as possible. They even acknowledge that philosophy on their website where they feature a sample of the humor that we created for them. Our Downey contact has expressed her positive feedback, too, sharing comments such as, “The script is awesome” and “It’s great! You exceeded our expectations.”

The Writers’ Thoughts

“The Downey folks are a laid-back, fun-loving group,” said Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans, “and we do our best to showcase that culture in their On Hold Marketing content.”

“It’s always great when we can turn the negative of holding into a fun, positive encounter,” said Chief Creative Officer Scott Greggory. “Humor On Hold is a differentiator. It takes people by surprise and makes a memorable impression.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Cassandra Evans & Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Amy Scott & Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

The Client - Mancy’s Restaurant Group (Our client since 2003)

A Delicious History

The Mancy family has been creating memorable dining experiences in our hometown of Toledo, Ohio for more than 100 years.

Their business truly is a family affair. Shortly after founder Gus Mancy emigrated from the Greek island of Crete in 1916, he opened his first restaurant. Today, his grandchildren run the well-regarded Mancy's group, which includes Bluewater Grille, Mancy’s Italian Grill, Mancy’s Ideal, Shorty’s True American Roadhouse and the iconic original - Mancy’s Steaks.

Our Role

As of this production, we’ve been providing On Hold Marketing to Mancy’s for 19 years.

Cassandra Evans is the Creative Consultant who writes the copy. “I always want to portray a sense of the Mancy’s experience for callers,” she said, “as well as the family’s passion for what they do and their dedication to doing it right.”

We also want to remind callers about the many options that Mancy’s presents, from steaks and seafood to pasta and barbeque, from dining in to the available gift cards. “And if we can make their callers’ mouths water while on hold, that’s great, too,” said Cassandra.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Cassandra Evans
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump

The Client - Hose and Hydraulics (Our client since 2006)

A Longtime Partnership

The team at Hose and Hydraulics has believed in the power of our On Hold Marketing for 16 years! (That's because it works.)

"No matter how often people call a company, they still need to be reminded about the services that the company provides and the unique value they deliver." That's the perspective of Bob Seybold. He's been writing the On Hold Marketing copy for Hose and Hydraulics since they first signed on with us as a client. "It's my job to make sure that information is easy to digest and retain."

By incorporating light humor, he makes it entertaining, too.

Bob's been working with the same contact at H&H all these years - Laura Simmons. "Client relationships are very important to us," said Bob. "The more we know our clients, the more we can speak their language to their callers; the more we have a feel for their culture and who they are as people. That translates into more effective copy and, ideally, a better caller experience."

About the Client

Hose and Hydraulics provides industrial equipment sales and hydraulic repair services for customers in the Clearwater, Florida area. In business since 1975, the team specializes in servicing cylinders, pumps, motors and valves.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Josh Jump