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Humor On Hold: A Competitor’s Praise

By Scott Greggory

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Have you ever experienced two competing emotions at exactly the same time?

It happened to me yesterday.

While in a meeting to discuss the new BusinessVoice website we’re building, I asked Joe, our front end developer, to search the phrase “Funny On Hold Messaging.”

At the top of the search engine results page was a blog post titled “5 Funniest On Hold Messaging Service Scripts.”

Joe clicked on the link. We thought we’d see or hear examples of funny On Hold Marketing that the article writer’s company had produced.

Instead, we saw five examples of Humor On Hold copy that I wrote for five BusinessVoice clients.

No attribution. No admission that his company did not create the unique content.

My reaction: instant outrage, followed very quickly by a simultaneous feeling of flattery.

On one hand, the writer played fast and loose with our content, suggesting by association that his company had created it and using it to draw visitors to his website. Not cool.

On the other hand, he obviously thought highly of the humor, having labeled it the “5 Funniest On Hold Messaging Service Scripts.”

So, along with earning more than 140 awards and many years’ worth of client compliments, our Humor On Hold has now been recognized by other On Hold Marketing providers at least twice, most recently via the “5 Funniest” article. Another competitor referred a client to us after realizing their team couldn’t satisfy the client’s desire for “something original.”

After icing myself down for a few hours, my rage subsided, but our team’s commitment to creating innovative On Hold Marketing content that surprises and delights callers has never been stronger.

Consider the “5 Funniest” article as another recommendation to use BusinessVoice Humor On Hold.

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