"Thank you for making my job easier! This is good."
- Laura Davis / TTI Maumee Equipment Inc.


"The staff at BusinessVoice has a way of making me feel like I am their most important customer. The level of support and true concern for my satisfaction really define their professionalism. It’s near impossible to find customer service at this level these days. I can’t say enough about how happy I am to have them on my team."
- Steve Eaton / CEO / Med-Line Express Services


“We get people who call all the time and WANT to be put on hold. Vendors and customers call us and just laugh. We actually changed our phone set-up to feature the On Hold Marketing. The feedback has been absolutely fantastic. I keep thinking [the productions] can’t get better, but this one topped them all. I think it’s just phenomenal. I really mean this - it’s truly been enjoyable working with you. I’m so thankful that you’re willing to do this kind of stuff for us."
- Chris Hamann / President / Lakeland Auto and Marine

"BusinessVoice is great at following up and making sure we’re on schedule with our new On Hold Marketing recordings, which really helps us out because we’re such a small team."
- Jennie Jacobs / Director of Sales & Marketing / Hotel Santa Barbara


"Susan, our general manager, was on the phone with our board chair the other day, and had to put him on hold. He listened to our messaging and was really pleased with it. He asked for information about BusinessVoice as I think he may be interested in using it for his workplace. Thank you for all of your help."
- Keri Renner / Director, Marketing & Communications / Topeka Metro


"It’s great working with you and your team."
- Anne Culling / Senior Marketing Communications Specialist / McLaren Port Huron


"We've been using BusinessVoice for our On Hold Messaging since before I started in 1999. The team has strived to understand our business and our customer base, and they've identified the best types of messaging to get them to truly listen. We have had multiple occasions where our callers WANT to go back on hold to hear the remainder of the script. We are very happy!"
- Rebecca Conrad, Binkelman Corp.


"You all do nice work! It's a pleasure doing business with all of you! Thanks!"
- Sharon Stetter / Air Hydro Power


"We are very happy with our relationship with BusinessVoice, and hope to grow with you more and more each year. Your staff is professional, friendly and knowledgeable, and you should be very proud of your work."
- Sharon Tipping / Marketing Manager / Parker Steel


"Thank you. You are a really terrific company to work with. We appreciate all that you do for us."
- Chris Brandt / C.E. Electronics, Inc.


"That's excellent copy and such a great variety of messages. Score another one for BusinessVoice!"
Steve Davis / Marketing Director / Grand Home Furnishings


"I want you to know that the messages have generated phone calls and inquiries about our programs and services. I have even heard from employees who appreciated hearing [about] their professional week (Lab Week, Nurses' Week, etc.) mentioned on the line. Internal and external benefits."
Jackie Swearingen / Henry Ford Health Systems


"Messages that BusinessVoice included in Springfield Manor's On Hold Marketing have helped us rent 21 of our available 29 apartments. And we've repeatedly booked events with three local groups in our Community Room with the help of our On Hold Marketing. In addition, we've received numerous comments about our gift and snack shop, also advertised through these messages."
- Marcy A. Yeatts / Admissions & Marketing Director / Springfield Manor


 "You continue to deliver exceptional work and accommodate all our requests professionally and willingly. Thank you!"
- Anthony LaMonica / Marketing Director / Stonewall Cable