The Client - NAPA Auto Parts (Our client since January 1996.)

We produce On Hold Marketing for many NAPA Auto Parts locations in several states. Based on each store's needs, we provide either a monthly Image production, a bi-monthly Sales Driver production, a quarterly Real Deal production, or a combination of those.

The Style 

Recently, we've taken a lighter approach with the NAPA copy, putting a humorous spin on parts, supplies and car care in general. It's a direction that's consistent with NAPA's current radio commercials.

The Writer's Thoughts 

"When writing the NAPA copy," said Creative Consultant Andrea Poteet, "my goal is to create brief, funny messages that make the caller wonder 'what did she just say?'

For NAPA, I always try to present familiar products in creative, off-beat ways. It's an approach that's more likely to keep the audience entertained and engaged."

About Our Client

NAPA - the National Automotive Parts Association - has been serving America's professional automotive technicians and do-it-yourselfers since 1925. Today, NAPA offers the industry's largest inventory - more than 400,000 parts and accessories. You can find NAPA Know How any time at

Production Credits 

Creative Consultant: Andrea Poteet
Voice Talent: Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

Learn what we can do for your NAPA store! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 419/724-7311.

The Client - Lexus of Toledo(Our client since June 2004.)

This On Hold Marketing production was designed to put callers in a Lexus frame of mind. 

The descriptive copy. The branded music. The voiceover with its dramatic pauses. The sensual sound effects. All come together to create an audio environment that whets the appetite for a finely crafted Lexus automobile.

The Writer's Thoughts

"Lexus creates an exciting experience with their broadcast advertising," said Creative Consultant Jessica Miller. "I wanted to emulate that in their On Hold Marketing. The use of the commercial music and sound effects reinforces that feeling, and disabuses the notion that Lexus is merely a luxury brand; it's a luxury thrill ride."

Recording Engineer Chris Zaharias assembled all the audio elements. He added, "I wanted the pace to build through the entire production and add to the sense of drama."

About Our Client

Lexus of Toledo works to provide a world-class ownership experience for those who are passionate about driving and what they drive.

Located at 7505 West Central Avenue on Toledo's famed Central Avenue Strip, Lexus of Toledo offers new and pre-owned vehicles, as well as financing and comprehensive service.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Jessica Miller 
Voice Talent: Amy Scott and Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias