The Client - American Frame (Our client since April 2017)

What They Do

In 1973, American Frame became the first company to sell do-it-yourself metal picture frame kits by mail. Over the decades, the company's inventory and customer base have expanded. The bulk of their revenue now comes from online sales, and they have a modern facility in northwest Ohio that doubles as a framing and education center.

Our Relationship

Early in 2017, our parent company, MadAveGroup, was named American Frame's agency of record. Since then, our team has worked with the American Frame principals to develop a marketing plan, messaging, brand and content standards guides, staff training, email marketing, online content, an updated logo and many other marketing-related aspects of their business. (Learn more and see some of the work here.)

We also conducted a caller experience audit, produced contact center announcements, and created the first of many On Hold Marketing productions, which you can hear in the video above.

The On Hold Marketing Style

With everything we do for American Frame, we want to communicate how their products and services complete and elevate their customers' art, from the paintings and photographs their callers create themselves to the work that they purchase.

“In terms of tone, the key words are 'simple sophistication,'” said Chief Creative Officer Scott Greggory. “We also want to reinforce how much American Frame is legitimately committed to artists and the process of creating art.”

Update (May 2018): Comments from the 2018 MARCE Award Judges

“The music and voices absolutely portrayed a ‘simple sophistication.’ Loved the use of client testimonials. Both the male and female voices reflected the brand. Overall, great work.”

“The testimonials are a nice touch, as is the scope of service offerings. The repetitive use of the tagline is effective and sets expectations for the customer experience.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Andrea Poteet and Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory and Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - Reliance Industrial Products (Our client since January 2011)

The Client

From their locations in Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, North Dakota and Canada, Reliance provides hydraulic hose, fittings and components, as well as oilfield equipment, safety supplies, chaining and rigging.

The Inspiration

With this production, BusinessVoice Creative Consultant Bob Seybold took the Reliance On Hold Marketing in a new direction. Their past content focused on the company’s products and services, but Bob applied the idea of “giving” to this update.

On our parent agency’s blog, we published a post about using the time you have with your audience to give them interesting or valuable information that they can apply, whether it’s to make a more informed buying decision or in some other way. Read the post “Giving vs. Taking: A Fresh Approach to Advertising.”

Bob’s copy includes tips on several subjects, from refinancing a car loan and growing a savings account balance, to improving your resume, being more productive, and making your workday go a little bit smoother.

The Desired Effect

Reliance’s callers on hold are now treated to a fresh approach. They’re hearing information that they can apply in several areas of their lives. And they’re likely associating any positive reaction to the caller-focused content with Reliance. Win, win, win.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - SYSTEMseven (Our client since January 2017)

Looking for Laughs

Mat Myers is the Director of Customer Love (and Operations) at SYSTEMseven, a fast-growing company that provides Internet and telephone connectivity and related services. Mat reached out to us for a specific reason: he wanted our Humor On Hold.

The Writers’ Thoughts

Creative Consultant Shaun Turner: “During my first conversation with Mat, he said ‘I want the On Hold Marketing to entertain callers and, if possible, remind them about our products and services.’

He understands that if people are calling, they have a pain - they need service, they’re unhappy with their existing provider, etc. - and they don’t want to be put on hold. That just adds to their pain. So we work to alleviate some of that pain, by entertaining callers and giving them useful information at the same time.”

“The SYSTEMseven website has a definite attitude,” said BusinessVoice’s Scott Greggory. “The look and feel is cool, and the funny copy communicates a distinct personality. Both elements were very helpful when crafting the humor, the tone, and even the voiceover of the On Hold Marketing.”

The Client

SYSTEMseven was founded in Corpus Christi, Texas in 2001 as a company dedicated to providing amazing customer experiences. They use that quest for customer love as a differentiator when telling the story of their Internet and telecommunications solutions.

Update (May 2018): Comments from the 2018 MARCE Award Judges

“Very creative copy. Humorous with a healthy balance of product info, well-placed sound effects and music. Great job.”

“The playful copy aligns nicely with the music, which is an interesting - yet not distracting - layer of the production. As the script builds, the information about the company’s offerings is key. That is what builds brand credibility and makes the jokes that much more humorous. This [production] does make its brand ‘yummier.’”

“I smiled all the way through. Love the play on words. Love that the client ‘gets it.’ Great balance of information and creativity.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Shaun Turner and Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory and Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - Behler-Young (Our client since 2003)

A Little Background

Each month for more than 14 years, we’ve created On Hold Marketing for Behler-Young to promote the company’s special pricing, contests, and services.

Behler-Young’s typical caller is an HVAC contractor who has called many times before, so we know the audience can appreciate the casual, fun caller experience that we create.

The Writer’s Thoughts

“We want to avoid making this On Hold Marketing a litany of model numbers and prices that most callers won’t remember,” said Creative Consultant Bob Seybold. “A light-hearted approach lets us promote products and offers in a fun way that can be memorable and more effective.”

The Client

Since 1926, Behler-Young has been a privately held, family-owned wholesaler of HVAC products and services. The company’s nearly 200 employees serve customers from 16 locations in Michigan and northwest Ohio.

Update (May 2018) - Comments from MARCE Awards Judges

In May 2018, this production won a MARCE Award for Most Effective On Hold Marketing. (Read the story.) Here are the judges' thoughts on the work:

“Great music. Great voices. Great sound effects. The shifts in music set the tone for each message. Loved the way you constantly changed the music, voice and effects to support the creative context of each [message]. Very, very well done.”

“The pacing of the script is easy to follow. The production feels polished and [that it is] from seasoned professionals. Overall, a good message for the intended audience.”

“Creative way to promote products (name dropping) without overloading on details.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Bob Seybold, Amy Jeffries, Amy Scott, Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley


The Client - International Translating Company (Our client since July 2015)

Our Client’s Reaction

“Okay,” wrote Daniel Doxey, “I shouldn’t have opened [and read this copy] while I was on a conference call. That was a good laugh. Very good work.”

Daniel is our main contact at ITC and a fan of our Humor on Hold™. In fact, it was our fun approach to the caller experience that attracted him to our agency in the first place.

Since then, Daniel’s become somewhat of a brand advocate for us. Read the creative testimonial email that he sent to a company whose on hold experience was less than enjoyable. (In the end, he suggests that the company contact us in order to improve.) 

The Writer’s Thoughts

“ITC is so much fun to write for, partly because languages and translation services lend themselves to humorous interpretations,” said Scott Greggory, “but also because Daniel and his team are so willing to have fun in this channel. They recognize that holding is a negative for most callers. But by allowing us to do our thing in this space, we can turn hold time into a memorable moment.”

The Client

International Translating Company is the oldest company of its kind in the United States. Founded in 1969, ITC provides clients with translation, interpretation and transcription services, along with voiceover, subtitling and language training.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - Rose Pest Solutions (Our client since April 2005)

What the Client Does

Rose Pest Solutions has been working with businesses and homeowners since 1860. So, yeah, after more than 150 years of removing bugs and other unwanted guests, they know what they’re doing! Rose serves customers throughout Ohio and Michigan, as well as parts of Indiana, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

The Production

We began introducing humor into the Rose caller experience in 2015, but in this production, we let some of the pests do the talking. You’ll hear from a box elder bug, a termite and a cockroach. And what would an exterminator’s On Hold Marketing production be without a visit from a saw-toothed grain beetle?

The Writer’s Thoughts

“Having the pests speak up in this one seemed like a logical idea,” said co-writer Scott Greggory. “After all, they are an important part of Rose’s business. Plus, giving them voices and personalities makes for some good fun and a different perspective.”

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Scott Greggory & Cody McCloskey
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory & Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley