The Client - Eaton Family Credit Union (Our client since 2003)

The Writer’s Approach

“We want to maximize awareness of all the ways Eaton Family Credit Union can serve its members, so we use their On Hold Marketing to highlight the wide range of products and services they offer,” said Bob Seybold. He's the Senior Creative Consultant who writes the content.

Our goal is to provide information that callers can actually apply, so hold time is never considered wasted time. 

“We might talk about finding auto loans or credit cards with better rates or how members can earn more interest with a CD. We share details about using new technology to make payments with smartphones and keep tabs on account security and spending. And we might suggest ways to reach financial goals, like home ownership, funding a child's college education or meeting retirement goals.”

The Feedback

Mike Losneck is the CEO of Eaton Family Credit Union. He wrote, "We have been a client of BusinessVoice for many years, and we always look forward to hearing each quarterly production."

The Client

Eaton FCU was founded in 1937. Today, the non-profit organization provides savings, investment vehicles and lending options to its 14,000 members. From four offices, they serve the financial needs of people in Lake and Cuyahoga counties in Ohio, as well as employees of select corporate partners in northeast Ohio, Illinois and Arkansas.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Amy Scott, Scott Greggory, Bob Seybold
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - Lakeland Auto and Marine (Our client since February 2017)

Something Different

This On Hold Marketing production begins the same way many TV shows do - with a quick re-cap of the highlights from recent episodes. The difference: these on hold highlights make no sense. It’s a media reference most callers will understand, but it’s oddly out of place in the on hold channel - and a lot goofier.

After the re-cap, the Humor On Hold shifts into a more traditional format, but with subject matter such as driving into a tree, the suggestion of an amorous relationship with a tire, and cooking nachos on a hot car engine, the content is anything but traditional.

The Client’s Reaction

When he first read the script, Lakeland Auto and Marine President Chris Hamann replied, “I can’t stop laughing! This is great! How do you come up with this stuff?”

Then, after Chris heard the finished audio, he called the writer Scott Greggory. “I keep thinking [the productions] can’t get better,” Chris said, “but this one topped them all. I think it’s just phenomenal. I really mean this - it’s truly been enjoyable working with you. I’m so thankful that you’re willing to do this kind of stuff for us.”

The Caller Response

Chris said, “We get people who call all the time and WANT to be put on hold. Vendors and customers call us and just laugh. We actually changed our phone set-up to feature the On Hold Marketing. The feedback has been absolutely fantastic.”

A few days later, Chris forwarded a customer’s email he’d received. It read, “Just FYI - funniest phone hold messages EVER. LOL!”

Even Lakeland's Facebook followers have commented on our Humor On Hold. Steve K. wrote, "Don't mind being on hold with Lakeland Auto and Marine." And Don H. added, "Nothing like asking to be put on hold again so you can finish listening."  


This production won a Platinum MarCom Award in October 2019. Details here
This production also won a Silver Communicator Award in May 2020. Details here.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory, Amy Scott & BusinessVoice Staff
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - Med-Line (Our client since March 2019)

Why Humor On Hold™?

Med-Line Express Services is a growing pharmaceutical delivery service based in Pompano Beach, Florida with locations in eight states. Their couriers deliver medications from pharmacies to end users. 

CEO Steve Eaton wanted to treat his company’s callers to a different type of on hold experience. “I personally am one who hates to be on hold. It puts me in a bad mood. That is not the experience I want for my customers,” wrote Steve.

“There’s no better medicine than humor. And if I can make a customer’s day better with a couple of jokes, then I call that a win. I also feel that humor can diffuse a caller who may be upset and calling in with a complaint.”

Why Trust BusinessVoice?

Steve reached out to us in March of 2019 after conducting research on On Hold Marketing providers.

“I chose BusinessVoice after listening to their many sample recordings on YouTube. I was very impressed by not only the scripts, but how well they were presented by your voice talents."

Steve wrote, "I think there is only one clear option for anyone looking for On Hold Marketing, whether it be humor or otherwise, and that’s BusinessVoice.”

Reaction to the Humor On Hold™

When we sent his first script to him, Steve replied, “I love it. I can’t wait to hear it recorded.” After listening to the production in the video above, he wrote, “Hahaha! As always, that is absolutely perfect!” 

And what do Med-Line’s callers think? “My customers love it,” Steve replied. “Most have stated they would like to hear more.”

The Customer Experience and Marketing Value

Steve wrote, “The staff at BusinessVoice has a way of making me feel like I am their most important customer. The level of support and true concern for my satisfaction really define their professionalism. It’s nearly impossible to find customer service at this level these days. I can’t say enough how happy I am to have them on my team.”

He added that “the On Hold Marketing scripts they create are not only funny, but also informative. They provide valuable information about specific aspects of my operation that some may not be aware of. In the 15+ years I’ve been in business, this is by far the best marketing money I have spent."

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory & Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - NAPA Auto Parts (Our client since 1996)

A Quick History

NAPA is one of our long-time clients. We’ve served many of their locations across the country for more than two decades.

We provide three On Hold Marketing programs for NAPA. The monthly production reinforces the NAPA brand. The bi-monthly content focuses on current sales. The quarterly Real Deal production is used to inform automotive professionals about products and equipment they use in their daily work. The On Hold Marketing featured in the video above is for the Real Deal program.

The Style

We’ve used light humor in NAPA’s Sales Driver and Real Deal On Hold Marketing for years. “It’s a good fit with the audience, and it makes any time spent on hold more enjoyable,” said Andrea Poteet, the writer behind the NAPA content.

The Client

NAPA - the National Automotive Parts Association - was established in 1925. The association grew out of a group of independent parts dealers that joined together to make it easier for people and businesses to access the vehicle parts, tools and related products they needed. Today, there are more than 6,000 NAPA Auto Parts stores across the United States.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Andrea Poteet
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

The Client - Binkelman Corporation (Our client since April 1996)

What We Do for Them

With three locations, Binkelman Corporation certainly receives a large volume of phone calls each week. But the company's marketing team is confident their customers already know what they're calling for.

That's why the On Hold Marketing content we create for them doesn't focus on selling products. Instead, it's designed to entertain.

"We use Humor On Hold™ to provide a unique experience," said the writer Scott Greggory.

"We want to deliver a style of content that people don't necessarily expect while they're on hold," he said. "When we can engage callers with humor, we'll get them to giggle a bit, help them relax, and make it easier for them to like the Binkelman brand, all of which shortens their perceived wait time." 

(Learn more about the benefits of Humor On Hold™.)

The Content

In this production, you'll learn about Binkelman's new dating app, BinkelMatch. We provide an important piece of advice about the beef stew that's a-cookin' up in the company cafeteria. And you'll learn why Binkelman and TV's "Flying Nun" will be forever intertwined. 

The Client

Founded in 1946, Binkelman distributes off-the-shelf and custom fabricated parts to customers in many industries. They also provide training and services that reduce downtime and optimize the service life of the parts they provide. Learn more at


This production won a Gold MarCom Award in October 2019. Details here.
This production also won a Silver Communicator Award in May 2020. Details here.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory & Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - Wellington Implement (Our client since 2019)

About Our Client

Since 1929, Wellington Implement has grown to become one of the top businesses in north central Ohio. The family-owned company provides new and used tractors, combines, backhoes and other construction and farm equipment. Well-known brand names they carry include Case IH, Cub Cadet, Honda and others. The company has three locations.

How It Began

“Tom Stannard from Wellington Implement contacted us because he liked the On Hold Marketing samples on our website, especially the humorous demos,” said BusinessVoice Account Manager Victor Tehensky.

When developing the content for the first production, writer Andrea Poteet brought the project to a Creative meeting to get the writing staff’s input on possible directions. She liked the idea of painting a bigger picture over time - creating light-hearted stories about the town and its people with the central character always being Wellington Implement.

Our hope is that listening to the audio while on hold reminds people of the fictional towns Mayberry or Lake Wobegon.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Andrea Poteet
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley