The Client - Arbor Hospice (Our client since 2017)

What Do They Do?

Providing exceptional medical care for patients, as well as expert support for caregivers, Arbor Hospice helps people in the final stages of life spend their remaining time "free of physical, emotional and spiritual pain in an environment where they are most secure."

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Arbor Hospice has been serving the community since 1984, longer than any other hospice provider in the area.

The Writer's Thoughts

As you can imagine, creating marketing content for a hospice organization requires walking a thin line between the need to inform an audience and the desire to avoid selling of any type.

"I wanted to share the work we did for Arbor Hospice because this production was such a labor of love," said Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans. "When we spoke with [Director of Marketing] Tracey Pierce in July, she let us know that their On Hold Marketing needs had evolved. She didn’t want to continue to mention all their services. She wanted to focus on the emotional support they provide - showing empathy and understanding to all the caregivers they help each day. It was important to her that we let callers know they have an entire team available that can provide advice and support, no matter the time."

Cassandra said, "This project was very special to me. It was amazing that Tracey was so focused on her callers, their needs and their emotional state when they reach out."

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Cassandra Evans
Voice Talent: Amy Scott & Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - Lakeland Auto & Marine (Our client since 2016)

What’s Happening Here?

This Humor On Hold production is wall-to-wall game show fun, full of wacky challenges, without all the burdensome cash and prizes.

Before they can speak with someone, Lakeland Auto & Marine callers must endure the audible punishment we dish out, including a montage of disturbing sounds and the horrid warbling of a middle school talent show contestant.

The production includes instrumental jingles, sound effects and group shouts. And what would the caller experience be without the desperate trumpeting of a drowning elephant?

The Response

Lakeland President Chris Hamann is an enthusiastic supporter of our Humor On Hold, saying that “the feedback has been absolutely fantastic. I’m so thankful that you’re willing to do this kind of stuff for us.”

After we create a video version of his On Hold Marketing, Chris shares the content on his company’s Facebook page. His followers agree that the humor makes holding enjoyable.

Eric M. wrote that Lakeland is “the only place I don’t mind being put on hold.”

Glenn M. replied, “Hilarious. Good laugh to start the day.”

Thaddeus W. wrote, “That was awesome!”

And Don H. offered this comment: “Nothing like asking to be put on hold again so you can finish listening.”


In October 2020, this production won a Platinum MarCom Award and in 2021 it earned a Bronze ADDY Award. It’s also been credited with saving countless lives during our nation’s coin shortage. And by the end of the year, this recording will be the first On Hold Marketing production to be launched into space.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory & Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - Cross Company (Our client since 2019)

What They Do

Cross Company is 100% employee-owned with locations in 18 states. Their nearly 700 experts serve customers from six specialized groups, ranging from robotics and machine automation to process and mobile systems integration.

BusinessVoice provides On Hold Marketing for the four Cross Hose and Fittings ParkerStore retail locations in North Carolina, where they make custom hydraulic hose assemblies for walk-in customers.

Our Approach

"Every Cross associate has a stake in the success of the company, and they serve the public face-to-face every day," according to BusinessVoice Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold. "So, we work to make sure the On Hold Marketing reflects each employee's personal drive to create great experiences for their customers. And we often incorporate the voices of Cross Company employee-owners in the OHM content to deliver their authentic message to callers."

Our Client's Thoughts

Mary Melton-Hale is the President of the Hose and Fittings Group of Cross Company. She wrote, "On Hold Marketing has helped us share details about our services with customers, often in a humorous way. Bob makes the updates easy and keeps the content fun and interesting. Bob and his team understand our business, and they share our message of 'getting our customers back to work fast' in a fresh, creative way."

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

The Client - Otterbein SeniorLife (Our client since 2011)

What They Do

Otterbein SeniorLife is a not-for-profit faith-based ministry that was founded in 1912. With their goal of “liberating elders and those who serve them from the mindset of institutional care,” the team is committed to changing minds about assisted living. Its six continuing care retirement communities in Ohio and Indiana provide for more than 2,000 residents.

Our Approach

“With clients in many other industries we often promote the tangible benefits of products or services,” said Creative Consultant Bob Seybold. “But with Otterbein SeniorLife, we address emotional issues and concerns; everything from wellness and companionship to independence. Those are the main topics that Otterbein callers ask about when they talk with the staff.”

Bob said, “We address the uncertainty that many people feel about making the move to a senior living community. We talk about the dreams and fears that are common to almost everyone, so callers will know they’re not alone in their hesitation or with the questions they have.”

Bob also incorporates audio from actual Otterbein residents to answer some of those common caller questions and serve as encouragement for potential residents.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

The Client - Binkelman Corporation (Our client since April 1996)

The Content

This Humor On Hold™ production begins with a rather non-traditional interview and continues with many other unusual elements, all poking fun at familiar advertising and media conventions. And, as with every piece we create for Binkelman, we goofed on the client's brand here and there.

"It's great to work with people who can laugh at themselves," said the copywriter Scott Greggory. "I think callers appreciate a company that doesn't take its image too seriously. When the audience hears that self-deprecating humor, they can sense that the relationship is going to be easy and comfortable."

The Client's Response

Rebecca Conrad works in Account Management and Development at Binkelman, and serves as our main contact. She wrote that our team has "strived to understand our business and customer base and identified the best types of messaging to get them to truly listen. We have had multiple occasions when our callers want to go back on hold to hear the remainder of the script. We have also made many referrals to BusinessVoice from suppliers and colleagues who hear our message."

After our work for Binkelman won a 2020 Silver Communicator Award, Rebecca wrote this on her personal Facebook page: "As a long-time client of BusinessVoice, we love the laughs they have provided to our customers over the years through their creative On Hold [Marketing]."

About the Client

Binkelman distributes custom and off-the-shelf fabricated parts to companies in many industries. They also provide training and services to reduce their customers' downtime and optimize the service life of the parts they provide. For more details, visit

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory, Chris Zaharias, Amy Scott, Bob Seybold & Steve Evert
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

The Client - Stancato’s (Our client since 2007)

A Long Family Tradition

Located near Cleveland, Ohio, Stancato’s Italian Restaurant opened five decades ago, but its food service roots date back to 1938. That’s the year Pasquale Stancato started selling breakfast from a pushcart to local steel workers. A truck soon replaced the cart, and that single vehicle eventually grew to a fleet of 19 food trucks.

Pasquale’s four sons expanded the business by opening Stancato’s Spaghetti and Steak House in 1971. Since then, the family has treated generations of Clevelanders to delicious pasta, pizza and Italian specialties.

Tasty Content

When we create On Hold Marketing for Stancato’s, we work to whet each caller’s appetite for a great dining experience with family and friends. We also broaden the brand’s appeal by 1) encouraging shoppers to purchase Stancato’s products at area grocery stores and 2) inviting callers to hold their next event at the restaurant, whether it’s an anniversary party or a work-related banquet.

The Writer’s Thoughts

“I’ve been writing for Stancato’s since 2015,” said Creative Consultant Andrea Poteet. “We always try to write warm, friendly copy that helps callers feel welcome.”

Andrea also reminds callers to sample the restaurant’s newest dishes and take home their favorite sauces.

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Andrea Poteet
Voice Talent: Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley