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You’re Not Just One in a Crowd

By Scott Greggory

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Most on hold messaging providers have something in common: their websites feature audio samples of their work categorized by industry. For instance, they might label their OHM demos as being for the automotive, medical or financial verticals.

We don’t do that.

Years ago – during conversations about content ideas – our clients would occasionally ask, “What are other companies in my industry talking about on hold?”

Our response was, “Respectfully, why does that matter?”

Yes, it’s important to know what your competitors are doing, but when creating your On Hold Marketing content, it’s just as important to showcase what’s unique about your business, not how you may be similar to those who serve the same consumers.

On Hold Marketing – as opposed to generic on hold messages – is a tool you can use to separate yourself, communicate your added value, and even build the trust necessary to begin new customer relationships.

We don’t group our demos by vertical markets because – unlike many OHM providers – we don’t think of your brand as just one in a crowd. Lumping it in with “all the others” would be a disservice not only to you but to your callers who want information that helps them make informed buying decisions.

You can listen to many samples of our work and read a short story about each production in our On Hold Marketing of the Month blog. Or check out our Humor On Hold™ page to hear how we create positive caller experiences with a humorous approach.

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