Valentine's Day is a pretty big deal for a lot of people!

How big? The National Retail Federation projects that the average person celebrating the holiday in 2015 will spend $142.31 on gifts. All told, Americans will pour out $18.9 billion worth of love on their Valentines this year.

Now, you can help your callers celebrate this day of romance, along with several other holidays.

Each year, we create non-branded On Hold Marketing content for April Fool's Day, the 4th of July, Halloween, and yes, Valentine's Day. We can download these fun messages to your OHM system so they're interspersed with your existing On Hold Marketing content.

The special holiday content typically runs two weeks prior to each holiday, but we'll be happy to shorten or extend the run if you'd like.

Talk with your BusinessVoice Account Manager about this very affordable option.

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Each year, we create three non-branded On Hold Marketing productions that you can use during the holiday season, no matter which type of business you're in.

The productions are ideal for these situations:

You have an existing On Hold Marketing program with us or another provider, but you'd rather not use one of your scheduled updates for a short-term application such as the holiday season.

You already have a VoIP telephone system or On Hold Marketing equipment, but you don't currently have an OHM provider to produce content.

For a small fee, you get your choice of two non-branded holiday productions: the Christmas / New Year package or the Holidays Around the World / New Year package.

The Christmas production focuses on how the holiday is celebrated here in the United States. It's filled with the types of warm thoughts and memories that make this time of year so special.

The Holidays Around the World production takes callers across the globe to let them experience the differences – and, more often, the similarities – in how other nations and cultures celebrate.

The New Year production helps your callers rejoice in the excitement of another fresh start and the coming year.

To receive your choice of this year's non-branded holiday productions, talk with your BusinessVoice Account Manager or Creative Consultant.

You can also contact Steve Evert at +1 800.473.9005 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What Our Awards Mean to You

One of our goals is to create a more enjoyable experience for your callers on hold. And one of the ways we do that is by employing humor.

Typically, we only enter humorous On Hold Marketing productions in award competitions. The fact that we've won more awards - by far - than any other company in our industry speaks to our ability to entertain while informing.

When callers are drawn in by the humor, they're more likely to listen closely the entire time they're on hold. They're more likely to stay on hold longer without getting frustrated. They're more likely to retain what they hear.
And they're more likely to have good feelings about your company.

Each time we win an award for creative and marketing excellence, we hope to reinforce that BusinessVoice is the better choice for your company and your callers.

The MarCom Awards

In November of 2014, we won a Gold MarCom Award for the On Hold Marketing we created for Applewood Plumbing in Denver, Colorado. And we received an Honorable Mention for our work on behalf of Binkelman Corporation in Toledo, Ohio. (Listen to these humorous productions in the videos above.)

We also earned a Gold MarCom Award for the new BusinessVoice website, which launched in the summer of 2014. The site was created by WebArt, our sister agency.

The MARCE Awards

Each year, On Hold Marketing providers from around the globe gather for the On Hold Messaging Association's conference. (It's actually more fun than it may seem.)

And each year at the conference, OHMA presents the MARCE Awards to the industry's best examples of On Hold Marketing. MARCE stands for Marketing and Creative Excellence.

In 2013, our work earned the top honor - the Gold MARCE Award - which means that BusinessVoice created the best On Hold Marketing production in the world that year.

What the Judges Said

MARCE judge Kurt Kleidon is a director of PR and online marketing at Kleidon & Associates. He wrote that our On Hold Marketing "actually made me laugh," and that the content was "funny and well written."

Judge Ricky Roo, a broadcast production professional, mentioned the "Nice delivery of the humor!" and noted that the funny approach "would keep an on-hold caller waiting to hear what comes next."

A third judge, Andy West, Creative Services Director at Sports Radio 92-9 / The Game in Atlanta, called our work "Terrific!"

By the way, BusinessVoice has also won more MARCE Awards than any other On Hold Marketing provider. Take a listen to 2013's big winner in the video above. And to learn how we can help you meet your company's marketing goals, drop us an email or call +1 800.473.9005.