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The Best Part of This Year’s ADDY Awards – For Us, Anyway

By Steve Evert

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We enjoyed one moment at the 2015 ADDY Awards more than any other: when the entire audience laughed for nearly four minutes straight.

They were listening to an On Hold Marketing production we created for Binkelman Corporation called “Stream of Consciousness.” (Hear it in the video on the right.)

The entry received a Bronze ADDY Award, but the audience’s response to it was pure gold.

Scott Greggory wrote the copy and served as the voice talent. “We look at On Hold Marketing as an opportunity – certainly to inform and persuade, but also to entertain; to leave people with a good feeling about a client’s brand; to provide callers with a better experience,” said Greggory.

“Because we never know how actual callers react, it’s very rewarding to hear hundreds of people laughing at our content on cue.”

ADDY host Michael Seay said that, after the show, several people made a point to mention to him how much they enjoyed the Binkelman entry. “It’s huge when people go out of their way to remember and talk about marketing content,” said Seay, Director of the Mad Ave Group’s SensoryMax division. “It shows that they connected with it and thought it was unique.”

The award-winning production was also our On Hold Marketing of the Month for November 2014. Read more about it.