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BusinessVoice Wins Best of Show Award

By Steve Evert

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

Sometimes, producing good creative work means getting out of the way and letting people tell their own stories.

That’s what we did for an On Hold Marketing production called “The Girls at Notre Dame.”

It won the Best Branding award and the top prize – Best of Show – at the 2017 MARCE Awards, the annual event presented by OHMA, the On Hold Messaging Association.

“Great concept. The testimonial / word-of-mouth feel is strong and believable. And the spectrum of information shared is tremendous,” wrote one MARCE Awards judge.

“We owe a great debt to the team at Hanson Inc. for this one,” said BusinessVoice’s Scott Greggory. “They allowed us to use the audio tracks from the video interviews they shot of the Notre Dame students. And it’s the girls’ honesty and emotion that really make this piece.”

Andrea Poteet wrote the voiceover copy, Don Binkley was the recording engineer, and Amy Jeffries provided the voiceover.

“The music bed was current, the VO delivery was very solid, and the [stories] left a great impression. Well done, guys,” wrote another judge.

With 14 wins, BusinessVoice has earned more MARCE Awards than any other On Hold Marketing provider in the world. The competition began in 2005.