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BusinessVoice Wins “Most Effective On Hold Marketing” Award

By Steve Evert

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If you want unbiased third-party confirmation that you can trust your caller experience to BusinessVoice, take a look at these comments from the 2018 MARCE Awards judges.

  • “The production feels polished and [that it’s] from seasoned professionals. Good messaging for the intended audience.”
  • “Creative way to promote the products without overloading on details.”
  • “Great music. Great voices. Great sound effects. Loved the way you constantly changed the music, voices and effects to support the creative context. Very, very well done!”

The judges were writing about the work we created for Behler-Young, a longtime BusinessVoice client that provides HVAC products and services through its 17 locations in Michigan and Ohio. And they were so impressed with the production that they presented it with the 2018 MARCE Award for Most Effective On Hold Marketing.

Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold wrote the copy. He and Amy Jeffries served as the primary voices. Don Binkley was the Recording Engineer.

The MARCES competition has acknowledged the world’s best On Hold Marketing since 2005. You can hear the award-winning production in the video to the right.