The BusinessVoice team took three honors from the 2018 MarCom Awards, a competition that recognizes excellence in the world of marketing and communication.

We earned a Platinum MarCom Award for the Humor On Hold we created for Lakeland Auto and Marine. Scott Greggory provided the copywriting and voiceover. Chris Zaharias served as Recording Engineer.

An On Hold Marketing production we created for Omega Force won a Gold MarCom Award. Jason Webber wrote the copy. Steve Lovvorn and Amy Scott provided the voiceover. Don Binkley was the Recording Engineer.

And we earned an Honorable Mention for work we produced for our longtime client, Binkelman. Scott Greggory was the copywriter and voice talent. Amy Scott provided additional VO. Chris Zaharias engineered the project.

The MarCom Awards is administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, an international organization whose members include thousands of marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, digital and web professionals. 

BBCIn August 2018, published an article called "The Art and Science of Being On Hold." Written by Damian Fowler, the piece featured input from BusinessVoice team members Jerry Brown, Steve Evert and Scott Greggory.

Here is an abridged version of the article. 


Hold Music as a Branding Tool

Nowadays, hold music isn’t left to chance. There are companies like BusinessVoice, which specializes in On Hold Marketing for mid-to-large-size companies. They see the On Hold experience as an expression of brand identity, mixing music with a verbal message - which sounds closer to a radio advertisement than, say, an easy-listening jazz number.

When creating an On Hold Marketing plan for a new client, BusinessVoice initiates a “caller experience” audit. They will determine things like how frequently the same person calls and the longest time a person will be put on hold. If the average hold time is five minutes, for example, a caller doesn’t want to hear a three-minute loop. The company also determines the caller demographic and from there creates its plan to make the call experience better. “You really want to use the time that people wait on hold to make them feel good about your company,” says Jerry Brown, the founder and CEO of BusinessVoice.

What this means is that on hold music and messaging is necessarily curated according to the needs of the client and the customer. The music and the message are tailored to ensure a positive On Hold experience.

According to Brown, it gets quite scientific. For a company that has a queue for sales and a queue for services, BusinessVoice would create two completely different messages and formats [for] those separate call experiences. “A lot of time we pick out music based on beats per minute of a song. So, if you’re a customer service line where people are holding for 10 minutes, we don’t want to have high beats per minute. If it’s a sales queue and you’re trying to move people to action, we want to increase their heart rate a little bit,” explains Brown.

The company also pays attention to whether hold music should be in a major or a minor key, offering subtle emotional cues to the caller on hold.

The Grammys of Hold Music

The world of on hold music and messaging even has its own awards. The MARCE Awards is an annual competition held by the Experience Marketing Association. This year, the “Most Effective” prize went to Behler-Young, a distributor of heating and cooling products based in the U.S. Midwest, for its hold message tagged “I’m Sworn to Secrecy.” Created by BusinessVoice - which has scooped up many MARCE awards over the years - it’s a highly produced sequence featuring spoof spy music, and a humourous voiceover that channels Mission Impossible.

Humor On Hold is another important concept for engaging callers. “If somebody can make me laugh in that space where there’s usually an ad, I feel more of an affection for that company,” says Scott Greggory, the Chief Creative Officer of BusinessVoice. With a background in radio, Greggory pioneered the idea of making On Hold Marketing palatable with what he calls the “spoonful of sugar” approach.

Awards aren’t the only measure of good advertising, but when a campaign is acknowledged by several judges at several award shows, that certainly says a lot about the work.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that the radio campaign we created for Ray’s Trash in Indianapolis has earned a third trophy - an Award of Excellence from the 24th annual Communicator Awards. It was the only top award winner in the audio commercial campaign category.

The humorous five-spot campaign has also earned a Platinum MarCom Award and a Bronze Addy Award.

Scott Greggory wrote and served as the voice talent. Chris Zaharias was the recording engineer. Amy Scott provided additional voice talent.

Let’s talk about your company’s radio presence. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

If you want unbiased third-party confirmation that you can trust your caller experience to BusinessVoice, take a look at these comments from the 2018 MARCE Awards judges.

  • “The production feels polished and [that it’s] from seasoned professionals. Good messaging for the intended audience.”
  • “Creative way to promote the products without overloading on details.”
  • “Great music. Great voices. Great sound effects. Loved the way you constantly changed the music, voices and effects to support the creative context. Very, very well done!”

The judges were writing about the work we created for Behler-Young, a longtime BusinessVoice client that provides HVAC products and services through its 17 locations in Michigan and Ohio. And they were so impressed with the production that they presented it with the 2018 MARCE Award for Most Effective On Hold Marketing.

Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold wrote the copy. He and Amy Jeffries served as the primary voices. Don Binkley was the Recording Engineer.

The MARCES competition has acknowledged the world's best On Hold Marketing since 2005. You can hear the award-winning production in the video to the right. 

Our humorous approach earned praise at the 2018 ADDY Awards. The judges gave us a Silver Award for the On Hold Marketing we produced for Lakeland Auto and Marine.

We also received a Bronze award for the radio campaign we created for Ray’s Trash in Indianapolis. Listen to the winning work in the videos below.

As an advertiser, you know that standing out is more important than ever. But the number of channels and volume of content also make that more difficult than ever.

We were the only agency to earn a 2017 Platinum MarCom Award for a radio campaign. In other words, our creative work stood out above all the other entrants.

Take a listen to the winning series of humorous spots we produced for Ray’s Trash in Indianapolis (top left video), and then give us a call to talk about your radio presence.

We also help to differentiate our clients by creating unique experiences for their callers. The MarCom Awards acknowledged three of our On Hold Marketing productions as well.

We earned Gold MarCom Awards for the Humor On Hold™ we produced for SYSTEMseven in Austin, Texas (top right video) and International Translating Company in Salt Lake City, Utah (bottom left video). We won an Honorable Mention, too, for the touching piece we put together for Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio (bottom right video).