The BusinessVoice Humor On Hold production called “Hold It!” earned a Bronze ADDY Award during the March 4th online ceremony, presented by American Advertising Federation - Toledo. Listen to the winning audio in the video above.

The unusual game show parody was created for Lakeland Auto and Marine in Port Clinton, Ohio. 

Scott Greggory wrote the copy and provided the lead voiceover. Chris Zaharias served as the Recording Engineer.

“With Humor On Hold, we can draw callers into the messaging, generate genuine interest and encourage brand loyalty,” said Greggory. To learn how clients and others are responding to our unique approach, read "The Serious Value of Humor On Hold" on the BusinessVoice Blog. 

BusinessVoice is the most-awarded agency of its kind, having earned more than 100 honors for creative and marketing excellence from local, regional and national competitions.

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During 2021's virtual ADDY Awards ceremony on March 4th, MadAveGroup / BusinessVoice Chief Creative Officer Scott Greggory received the American Advertising Federation of Toledo’s highest honor, the Silver Medal Award.

Since 1959, the SMA has been given once annually to recognize those who've made outstanding contributions to advertising, while demonstrating a commitment to the industry's highest standards, creative excellence and social concerns.

In presenting the Silver Medal, last year's winner Mark Reiter called Scott "one of the most creative, passionately artistic people you'd ever want to meet. There's just nobody who looks at things the way he does."

As a copywriter, producer and voiceover artist, Scott is known for creating humorous On Hold Marketing and advertising content. His “Humor On Hold” and other work have earned more than 125 local, regional and national awards for creative excellence.

"Scott has been doing our On Hold Messaging for 20 years," said Rebecca Conrad, Marketing Manager for Binkelman, a long-time BusinessVoice client. "One of the most fun things that we hear from our customers is 'put me back on hold.'"

(Listen to an award-winning sample of Binkelman's Humor On Hold here.)

BusinessVoice client Chris Mitsos said, "He doesn't present false ideas that will never resonate with the consumer. It's really, really refreshing to work with somebody who has a sense of what's really going on in the marketplace."

Greggory has been a creative leader with BusinessVoice since 1993. He’s the third member of the MadAveGroup team to win the Silver Medal. It was also presented to CEO Jerry Brown in 2012  and Chief Brand Officer Terry Lesniewicz in 2005.

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“With Humor On Hold™, we work to turn the negative of holding into a pleasant surprise,” said Scott Greggory, Chief Creative Officer for BusinessVoice. “And our humor is consistently honored by award shows, so that's one type of proof that the content is working - attracting attention and differentiating our clients.”

At the 2020 MarCom Awards, our Humor On Hold™ production for Lakeland Auto and Marine called "Hold It!" earned a Platinum Award, and "Jack," Humor On Hold™ we created for Binkelman, received an Honorable Mention.

"Creative Inspiration" - a video our MadAveGroup team produced for the 2020 Addy Awards - also won a Platinum MarCom Award.

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While chatting with MadAveGroup’s Michael Seay about his marketing journey, Spencer LeGros - co-host of the Your Media People podcast - brought up the BusinessVoice service Humor On Hold™.

In this video clip, Michael tells the story of how Jerry Brown and Scott Greggory “were right there at the beginning of On Hold Marketing and that whole experience, setting it up,” and defining what the service is and what it could be.

“Applying humor to the caller experience was a natural transition from my work in radio,” said Scott. “But humor can be even more powerful on hold because it’s completely unexpected. When we catch callers off guard, we can capture their attention, draw them into the content and encourage them to listen actively.”

Play the video to hear the quick segment about Humor On Hold™.

BusinessVoice has been honored again by The Communicator Awards, a leading international awards program that recognizes big ideas in marketing and communications. We earned two trophies in May of 2020 for Humor On Hold, our humorous approach to On Hold Marketing.

Our unique work for Lakeland Auto and Marine called “Previously” was acknowledged with a Gold Award. "All Roads," an On Hold Marketing production we created for Binkelman won a Silver Award. You can hear both winners in the videos below.

Binkelman's Rebecca Conrad shared the news on her personal Facebook page, writing, "As longtime clients of BusinessVoice, we love the laughs they have provided to our customers over the years through their creative On Hold [Marketing] scripts."

Communicator Awards judges evaluate the entries to determine their value as creative work. Entries are judged on their merits against a standard of excellence. A category may have multiple winners or none at all.

The Communicator Awards are judged and overseen by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, an invitation-only organization of leading professionals from various forms of traditional and interactive media. The current membership is a “Who’s Who” of acclaimed media, advertising and marketing firms, including GE Digital, Republica, Tinder, PureMatter, Tool of North America, Fast Company, Territory Studios and others.


Bob at ComputerMarch 5, 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the BusinessVoice News Network. By mixing three brief news stories each weekday with your On Hold Marketing (OHM) content, the BVNN adds a unique and valuable dimension to the caller experience.

A decade ago, the first edition of the BusinessVoice News Network informed callers about plans to reuse a stockpile of the H1N1 flu vaccine. We also shared the story about the extension of the federally backed Home Affordable Refinancing Program, which was created after the financial crisis of 2008. And on the lighter side, we let callers know about a new catcher's glove being tested at spring training camps that year. Made with a stronger composite material, the glove was designed to make 100-mile-per-hour fastballs a little easier to handle.

The BusinessVoice News Network has evolved into a daily resource for "news you can use." The stories we covered on our 10-year anniversary included a look at the side-effects you might experience from the switch to Daylight Saving Time, as well as new concerns about young children's second-hand exposure to screens when they see parents using devices. We also provided a simple formula to calculate how much mortgage you can afford.

Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold (pictured) has written and presented all 2,533 editions of the BusinessVoice News Network, since its debut in 2010. Bob says, "My goal every day is to give callers something that can help make life better or put a smile on your face."

When your company is a BVNN subscriber, we'll intersperse three quick stories with your existing On Hold Marketing content each weekday. You don't need to lift a finger. We deliver each update remotely. (Read the BVNN content here.)

You still get the marketing value of your OHM, plus the added benefit of content that's updated five times per week. The BVNN is a great feature if you have long hold times or customers who call frequently. And it's remarkably affordable.

To learn more about the BusinessVoice News Network, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 419/724-7311.