The Client - Village Place Dental (Our client since 2009)

Who They Are

Village Place Dental is a three-doctor practice in Warren, Michigan that’s been serving area patients for more than 40 years. The team provides preventative, restorative and cosmetic services, as well as treatment for TMJ and sleep apnea.

The Writer’s Thoughts

Cassandra Evans writes the On Hold Marketing content for Village Place Dental. “They’re a small family practice that’s focused on providing comfortable dentistry. Many dentists say that, but Village Place Dental’s reviews prove it,” she said.

A few thoughts from their patients:

“Caring people. Gentle touch. I trust them.” - Pauline F.

“Thanks for taking the fear out of my visits.” - Michele M.

“Best experience I’ve had at the dentist.” - Regina K

Cassandra says Village Place loves using their On Hold Marketing to share valuable information with their patients. In this production she included tips on how to stimulate saliva production, why you should wait to brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after drinking coffee, and the foods you can give your kids to encourage dental health.

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Cassandra Evans
Voice Talent: Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

The Client - Downey PHCE (Our client since 2018)

What They Do

Since 1995, the Downey family has served Northwest Ohio as an HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractor. They work with homeowners and businesses from their facilities in Bowling Green, Ohio.

A Different Approach

Downey has opted for our Humor On Hold approach since January 2020. Normally, our copywriting process is solitary with one writer developing each script, from the concept stage through the final editing. But with Downey, Creative Consultant Cassandra Evans takes the creative lead. She begins the update by reaching out to the client for general input and then writes the first internal draft. Chief Creative Officer Scott Greggory jumps in next to add his two cents.

"The team at Downey likes the different feel we bring to their caller experience," said Cassandra. "With our humorous content we can present their company as easy and fun to work with, and it helps callers relax a bit. Any time we can turn holding into an enjoyable moment, that's a win for everyone involved."

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Cassandra Evans & Scott Greggory
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory & Amy Scott
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

The Client - Warwick (Our client since 2004)

The Backstory

Warwick opened in 1940 as a furniture store in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1956, they started installing internal phone systems known as Private Automatic Exchanges and by 1960 they were emerging as leaders in the telecommunications field.

Warwick's data division began in 2010 and today provides managed service solutions for many industries.

What They Do

Serving Northeast and Central Ohio, the Warwick team "optimizes technology and manages connections," providing network infrastructure, cloud, cybersecurity, connectivity and voice services.

Their clients include call centers, as well as healthcare, education and nonprofit organizations, plus hospitality, manufacturing, financial and insurance companies. 

The Writer’s Thoughts

"Warwick has been on the front lines of helping their customers survive the COVID era, so they're facing the same content-related challenge many of our other clients are experiencing," said Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold. "Callers suffering from pandemic fatigue are tired of hearing about COVID-19, even though it's still a fact of life that businesses are forced to deal with and talk about."

Bob's solution: "I acknowledged that fatigue and moved the conversation forward by using analogies and scenarios that are relatable for callers. Then, we provided solutions based on Warwick's products and services."

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

The Client - Arrowwood Lodge (Our client since 2016)

Hospitality in the COVID Era

Arrowwood Lodge is a vacation destination in Baxter, Minnesota. They’re known for their indoor water park, Baxter’s Bar and Grill and guest rooms that are so large they’re known as “cabins.”

Like many others in the hotel and restaurant sectors, Arrowwood has had to adapt to accommodate public fears, government restrictions and smaller crowds brought on by the pandemic.

With this On Hold Marketing production, we told callers about some of the changes that might affect their vacation - like reduced waterpark hours - but we also promoted Arrowwood’s clever idea to encourage visits from a different type of guest. The lodge now offers special day rates for people who need a break from working at home. The private rooms include the basics of a home office with the quiet and privacy that many remote workers might be missing these days.

One of Our Favorite Stories

Arrowwood will always have a special place in our hearts. When the lodge’s General Manager Carolyn Bare was researching On Hold Marketing providers in 2016, she knew she was looking for a company that could deliver creative content. "We wanted something that would help guests remember us,” she wrote.

The first OHM company Carolyn contacted produced a custom demo for her, but the work didn’t meet her expectations. When the demo provider realized they’d have trouble giving Carolyn what she wanted, they suggested that she call BusinessVoice.

Within a week, we signed Arrowwood Lodge as client and were working on their first production. Listen to that award-winning production here

Production Credits

Creative Consultants: Andrea Poteet
Main Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias

The Client - T.T.I. (Our client since October 2003)

What They Do

Since 1960, Thermal Transmission Industries - T.T.I. - has provided parts and equipment to HVAC contractors throughout Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. They represent more than 80 brands and carry dozens of product types, from air cleaning equipment to water heaters.

The Writer’s Approach

BusinessVoice Senior Creative Consultant Bob Seybold writes T.T.I.'s On Hold Marketing content. He says, "Most of the company's customers run their own HVAC business and, since that’s a busy job, they may not have time to read about new trends or learn best practices. Using business tips in the On Hold Marketing helps T.T.I. add more value to the caller experience."

That's a great example of using marketing content to serve an audience, providing information that helps them to be better at their jobs or makes their lives easier. Read more on that approach in Bob's article "How the 80/20 Rule Applies to Your Caller Experience."

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Bob Seybold
Voice Talent: Amy Jeffries
Recording Engineer: Don Binkley

The Client - NAPA Auto Parts (Our client since 1996)

What Is This?

It’s what we call a Real Deal production, one of three types we provide for NAPA. Each quarter, NAPA publishes promotional information about products, tools and machinery specifically for their automotive service and repair clients. We select several of the sale items and create on hold content about them.  

The Style

We’ve used light humor in NAPA’s Sales Driver and Real Deal On Hold Marketing for years. “It’s a good fit with the audience, and it makes any time spent on hold more enjoyable,” said Andrea Poteet, the writer behind the NAPA content.

(Listen to more Humor On Hold samples here.)

The Client

Established in 1925, NAPA - the National Automotive Parts Association - grew out of a group of independent parts dealers that joined together to make it easier for people and businesses to access the vehicle parts, tools and related products they need. With more than 6,000 stores across the United States, NAPA has been a major player in the auto parts industry for nearly a century.

Production Credits

Creative Consultant: Andrea Poteet
Voice Talent: Scott Greggory
Recording Engineer: Chris Zaharias