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VoIP: A Potential Problem to Consider

By Scott Greggory

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If you work in marketing, you likely have marketing-centric goals and priorities.

And it’s just as likely that your company’s I.T. staff doesn’t share those goals and priorities.

That can present a problem if you value the timeliness and flexibility of On Hold Marketing, but have a VoIP telephone system.

Here’s an email we received from a client. (She’s a Marketing Specialist at her company’s corporate office.)

I spoke with [our I.T. Manager] briefly in the hallway:
He has not yet uploaded the previous on hold messaging update.
With that in mind, I feel like we need to hold off on [content] updates for a bit.

That company has more than 25 locations. They take several hundred phone calls each hour about their products and services. They use their On Hold Marketing to deliver season-specific messages to potential buyers.

But because I.T.’s schedule and/or priorities didn’t align with Marketing’s, the company may miss opportunities to share valuable information with its callers.

If you’re considering a VoIP telephone system, please let us know. We don’t sell VoIP systems, but we can make recommendations that will allow you to take full advantage of both VoIP technology and your On Hold Marketing. We can also work with your I.T. staff to make uploading your On Hold Marketing updates on time as easy and convenient as possible.

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