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3 Things to Look For When Switching to VoIP

By Scott Greggory

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Before your company makes the switch to a VoIP telephone system, answer this important question: Which system best serves your marketing?

Many VoIP systems limit how your On Hold Marketing is heard. If you don’t want callers only hearing the same couple of messages while on hold, or if you’d like all of your branches to have customized content that applies to their audience, you’ll need a VoIP system that gives you more flexibility.

Here are three things to look for in your VoIP telephone system.

1) An Easily Manageable Audio Source

While they can be tough to find, look for a VoIP system that will accept an external audio source, such as a dedicated On Hold Marketing system. This will allow us to upload your On Hold Marketing content via the Internet from our studios, without interrupting your I.T. department or other members of your staff.

If I.T. does have to upload audio files to your VoIP system, your On Hold Marketing content may not receive the priority it deserves. That problem is magnified when your OHM content contains date-specific information, such as on hold offers.

If you can’t find a VoIP system that allows you to connect to an external audio source, look for one with shuffle play or multi-cast capabilities.

2) MFSP and Multi-Cast Capabilities

Sometimes it makes sense for callers to hear On Hold Marketing messages in the same order each time they call. But, more often, you and your callers will derive more value from the on hold experience when they’re exposed to a greater variety of messages.

One way to ensure that exposure is by using a VoIP system with Multi-File Shuffle Play (MFSP) capabilities. It works just like the shuffle feature on a CD player or iPod, playing different messages randomly so callers will hear a greater variety of your important content. Frequent callers are also less likely to tire of shuffled content.

Another option: choose a VoIP system with multi-cast capabilities. It will play your On Hold Marketing content in an uninterrupted loop, exposing most callers to new messaging each time they call.

3) Regional or Location Customization Capabilities

If your marketing calendar or product / service mix vary by region or individual branch, consider a VoIP system that lets you play unique On Hold Marketing content at each of your locations. The ability to target content to a specific audience will make your On Hold Marketing even more effective.

To maintain the maximum marketing power of your company’s telephones, ask that your Purchasing and/or I.T. teams look for these features when considering VoIP systems.

If you have questions, please call us at +1 800.473.9005. We’ll be glad to offer suggestions based on your specific application.