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Think of All That Your Company’s Telephones Can Do

By Scott Greggory

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When the telephone was invented in 1876, there weren’t many other communication options; the telegraph and hand-written letters were about it.

Today, we can reach out to people in many ways, including email, texts, social media, even online video chat.

With all that convenient technology at your fingertips, it may be easy to dismiss the old, reliable telephone as a point of contact for your business.

But don’t.

Your company’s telephones are a channel you can use to create and maintain meaningful relationships, from those initial cold calls you may make to attract new customers, to the warm, affectionate conversations you have with long-time clients and partners.

Your telephones give you the chance to reinforce your brand and strengthen your reputation with every call.

They allow you to hear the concern in a customer’s voice, and enthusiastically share exciting news and good information.

And your company’s phones connect you to all the people who are important to your business on a more human level than any email or text ever could.

So, always know that the caller experience you provide is worthy of your best effort. From the moment an inbound call is answered – whether by a live operator or a pre-recorded contact center announcement – to the time your callers spend on hold, to the one-on-one interaction your team has with customers, each call is an opportunity to deliver value and the type of positive encounter that people remember fondly and tell others about.