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5 Tips for Reducing Caller Hang-Ups

By Scott Greggory

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Are too many of the callers you’re placing on hold hanging up before your CSRs can serve them? If so, you may be losing immediate revenue and, even worse, potential long-term customers.

Here are a few On Hold Marketing tactics that will encourage your callers to stay on the line.

1) The Secret Code – Throughout your On Hold Marketing content, we can mention a code or keyword that callers can then repeat to your customer service rep. That code might entitle the caller to free shipping, additional loyalty points, or some other type of reward for holding. That’s especially valuable if you consistently have long hold times.

2) Give Callers What They Want – We can use your On Hold Marketing content to answer your callers’ most frequently asked questions. One caveat: these can’t be questions you think they want answered; they need to be the real thing. That means we’ll need to interview your frontline phone staff to find out what your callers are asking. An option: we can provide a portion of the answer to each question, followed by the name of the person or department that can deliver the remainder of the answer.

3) Make ‘Em Laugh – If a light-hearted approach is right for your brand, we can apply our Humor On Hold™. One client wrote, “I absolutely loved the humorous material. Couldn’t stop listening!” Several of our clients have expressed this type of praise: “We get people who ask us to put them back on hold.” And an award show judge said that our humor “would keep an on-hold caller waiting to hear what comes next.” All that feedback suggests that humor keeps callers on the line.

4) Tease What’s Coming – We can end each message with a quick preview of the content that’s next. Or we could suggest a benefit in one message, and then explain how your callers can achieve that end result in the next message.

5) Use the BVNN – When you subscribe to the BusinessVoice News Network, we incorporate three new messages into your existing On Hold Marketing content each weekday. Your callers will hear fresh news and information interspersed with your marketing content. And you don’t have to lift a finger to make it happen. The BVNN is especially effective at keeping your customers on the line if they call frequently.