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On Hold Marketing

BusinessVoice is a little different.

For starters, we believe that On Hold Marketing is just that – a marketing tool. That’s why we don’t refer to it as On Hold Messaging, like most others in our industry.

The On Hold Marketing we create is focused on building trust in your brand, making powerful impressions and delivering memorable value to your prospects and customers.

In short, we help you seize the opportunity to provide an outstanding caller experience.

It’s Personal to Us

We combine the same elements as other On Hold Marketing providers: copy, music and voices, mixed with a little technology. But our work is hand-crafted by on-site Creative Consultants (not AI software), human voiceover professionals (not AI-generated voices) and skilled Recording Engineers with degrees in audio engineering.

Our programs are designed by Caller Experience experts who have your marketing success at heart. Our writers train consistently on how to best serve callers. And our Fulfillment team is committed to bringing all the technical and delivery elements together properly.

We understand that each call represents the possibility of a long-term relationship, so we do everything we can to encourage that connection.

Listen to samples of our work to the right, on the On Hold Marketing of the Month blog and on our Humor On Hold page.

  • Industrial Distribution
  • Retail
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
Torn Paper Bottom Edge

Don’t lose customers to problems that can be fixed.
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CX Select

Want to offer your callers options? Then you’ll like CXSelect.

When you give each customer and prospect choices about the type of caller experience they want, they’re more likely to reward you with patience and loyalty.

CXSelect is also interactive. Callers can request text messages about the products and services mentioned in your On Hold Marketing content.

Humor On Hold

Imagine returning to your callers on hold and hearing laughter!

Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice can produce that type of response. And when your callers are pleasantly surprised by the on hold experience you provide, they’ll always associate those good feelings with your brand.

Humor On Hold turns the negative of holding into a positive impression.


Do your customers call frequently? Or maybe you have long hold times?

The BVNN makes it easier to engage your valuable callers. By mixing fresh content into your On Hold Marketing each weekday, we keep your callers informed on topics ranging from healthy living to personal finance to technology and many others.

And we take care of everything, including uploading the BVNN stories to your system.