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Why Telephone Etiquette Training is Worth the Investment

By Scott Greggory

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I love to tip well – 35 or 40%, or maybe ten bucks on a $12 lunch.

And I love writing cards to business owners to tell them about the tremendous experience their employees provided. In fact, I did that today. Twice.

But I don’t get to do either enough, because great service – the kind that makes people write cards and gladly tip far more than expected – is so rare.

That’s a shame. But that rarity makes amazing service even more valuable. So, when you’re on the receiving end of a higher level of service, you remember it. You feel it. You may talk with others about it. And you come back for more.

Right? You come back for more! That’s what service-oriented brands know: their special way of treating people brings customers back again and again.

But great service doesn’t just happen, at least not consistently from an entire staff. The basics of great service and providing a great customer experience need to be taught, and then reinforced. Earning and maintaining a reputation for the type of service that people seek out requires a continuous systemic effort. Achieving that goal every day has to be embedded in the company’s culture.

That includes the service effort the staff provides to callers.

Just because a man can use a pencil doesn’t mean he’s an accomplished writer. And just because your employees can use a phone doesn’t mean they provide the type of service that encourages positive word of mouth and repeat business for your company.

When you make formal telephone etiquette training a priority for every person who answers your incoming calls, you’ll start to show your team that you’re committed to providing a higher level of customer care. Your callers will hear the difference, too.

Telephone etiquette training gives you an edge. It separates you from the crowd. It helps your business deliver the kind of customer experience that keeps them coming back. And it can be the spark that ignites your customers’ love affair with your company.

It’s so easy to make the decision for providing memorable service to your callers. Yes, it requires day-to-day, caller-to-caller execution, but no investment costs as little, yet returns as much in the form of positive brand image and repeat business.

Let us know when you’ve made the commitment to telephone etiquette training.