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The Hold Time Calculator Will Show You the Value

By Scott Greggory

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Before you invest in a product or service, do you make sure it’ll deliver good value?

If so, you’ll love our Hold Time Calculator.

By entering just five numbers into the blank fields, you’ll see how long your company’s incoming callers spend on hold each year.

For instance, let’s assume your company receives just 10 calls per hour during a nine-hour business day, and that only 50% of those calls are transferred or put on hold. (Studies show the average is 57%.)

Let’s also assume that your shortest possible hold time is ten seconds, your longest possible hold time is two minutes, and your average hold time is 45 seconds.

That means that your company puts callers on hold for a total of 205.3 hours each year.

Here’s Where Value Enters the Equation

In 205 hours, you could run 24,600 30-second radio spots. Even if each spot cost just $50 to air, you would spend $1,230,000 to broadcast to an audience that may not have an immediate or even potential need for what you sell. Radio and TV certainly have their strengths for many B-to-C marketers, but by its very nature, broadcast advertising is wasteful.

With On Hold Marketing, you can up-sell, cross-sell, strengthen your brand identity, and deepen relationships with existing or likely customers for as little as a penny per call. THAT is excellent value. And when the On Hold Marketing content is as thoughtful and focused as ours, the value is even greater.

If you’re not using On Hold Marketing yet, take our Hold Time Calculator for a spin, and see how many smart marketing hours you could be adding to your arsenal.