Facts and Figures

  • According to the On Hold Messaging Association, 57% of callers are put on hold.
  • A Google Consumer Survey of more than 2,500 people found that one-third of callers (32.3%) are unwilling to wait on hold for customer service, and that 27.6% would wait only one minute on hold. That means that for nearly 60% of callers, you need to prevent hold times altogether or keep them very short. On Hold Marketing that's engaging, informative and/or entertaining has been shown to shorten perceived hold times and keep callers on the line longer.
  • While calling Metzgers Printing, a customer ordered $3,500 worth of services after learning about them through the On Hold Marketing that BusinessVoice created. The caller was on hold for less than one minute.

    "We found that our customers abandoned calls at a higher rate and much more quickly while holding in the AT&T queue versus when they were on hold in our queue. We think customers held longer in our queue because they were listening to the announcements you produced for us. Most of them gave specific product information that corresponded to the 800 number the customer called. Our theory is that your announcements kept customers entertained, occupied and interested, so they were less inclined to think about the amount of time they were holding." - Melaletia Jones / Hickory Farms

  • SP/Barron Propane experienced a 1,100% return on investment from their BusinessVoice On Hold Marketing program within 12 months. During the same period their expenditures for newspaper advertising returned no traceable results.
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  • Within the first week of implementing a BusinessVoice On Hold Marketing program, a Forest City Auto Parts store sold $1,700 in parts (or 10% of their weekly total). Those sales were directly attributable to their On Hold Marketing program.
  • Motor Parts, a NAPA distributor, increased their ancillary product sales margin by 56% within the first year of installing their BusinessVoice On Hold Marketing program.
  • Fewer than seven days after the start of their BusinessVoice On Hold Marketing program, Tri County Tire sold $700 worth of add-on services to a caller who'd heard about the services while on hold. He had a previously scheduled appointment to purchase those services elsewhere.