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Short Hold Times? You Still Need On Hold Marketing

By Scott Greggory

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Half of all your callers are never put on hold? Excellent! Your customers are getting where they want to go quickly.

And let’s say that the next 30% of your callers are only on hold for five seconds. Also very good.

The last 20% of your callers wait at least two minutes each while being transferred or after being put on hold.

That means that your average hold time, conservatively, is 25 seconds.

You may think that’s not long enough to justify using On Hold Marketing (even though we can provide callers with a lot of good info in 25 seconds), but remember: that average hold time doesn’t emphasize the callers who hold longer.

So, the question is “would you throw away the chance to inform, up-sell, cross-sell, and reinforce your brand’s value to a full 20% of your callers?”

That would be a valuable opportunity lost.

Even if you only allow long hold times occasionally, you don’t ever want to alienate valuable customers by keeping them in cold silence.

If nothing else, thoughtful On Hold Marketing content lets callers know that you pay attention to details, and that you care about their experience – no matter how long they’re on hold.

(See how much time your callers are on hold each year with our Hold Time Calculator.)