Case Studies

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Look below for a few examples of how we’re using Caller Experience Marketing to meet the needs of four organizations. You'll also find client feedback and audio samples.

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"Binkelman has been using MadAveGroup for our On Hold Marketing since before I started in 1999. The team has strived to understand our business and our customer base and identified the best types of messaging to get them to truly listen." - Rebecca Conrad, Binkleman Corporation.


Arrowwood Lodge

Located in central Minnesota, Arrowwood Lodge is an all-seasons resort that strives to be a haven of entertainment and relaxation. The vacation center boasts spacious guest rooms, conference areas, an indoor water park and Baxter’s Bar and Grill.

Binkelman Corporation

In business since 1946, Binkelman is a full-line industrial parts distributor specializing in bearings, hoses, rubber products and conveyer components. BusinessVoice began providing their On Hold Marketing services in 1996.

Audio Sample

Hose-hungry sharks, flying hatchets, and used underpants: they're all part of this humorous Binkelman On Hold Marketing production. We mixed the irreverent copy with a trio of fun music styles to make it all appropriately goofy.

In addition to reminding callers about Binkelman's "foul-smelling website", we directed them to Once there, visitors can click on links that take them directly to information they heard about while on hold. This BusinessVoice innovation makes it easy for callers to access online content that would be difficult to find otherwise. Activity on the site is also measurable. 

Caller Experience Marketing Goals

Binkelman relies on us to deliver their message with a heaping helping of humor, knowing that it differentiates their brand and entertains their customers, while decreasing perceived hold times. The strategy is to entertain callers first. Once we have their attention, we can slip information into their heads. And callers continue to respond well to the approach, making a point to share their feedback with Binkelman staff members.

Client Testimonial

“We have received many, many compliments on our On Hold Marketing. Thanks for being so creative.” - Rebecca Conrad / Marketing & Customer Service Mgr. / Binkelman Corporation


The humorous content we create for Binkelman has earned a handful of , including a Gold MARCE Award from the On Hold Messaging Association. It was the competition’s highest-scoring entry. Here are the judges’ comments:

  • “Nice delivery of the humor!”
  • “Terrific!”
  • “Actually made me laugh. Funny and well-written.”

We've also earned a Judge’s Choice MARCE Award for our Binkelman work. The judges’ thoughts:

  • “Good strategy. Useful and entertaining content.”
  • “Entry met its goals and more: entertain, then inform. Very important.”
  • “Well executed. Seriously, very well done. Kept me listening; featured the product lines well.”