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Lakeland Auto and Marine

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Lakeland Auto and Marine

Humor On Hold is a perfect fit for our business,” wrote Chris Hamann, Lakeland President. “Who wants to be put on hold? But these productions convey pertinent information in a humorous manner and they just click with our callers.”

We first started working with Chris in 2016 and we’ve enjoyed a very positive, mutually beneficial partnership ever since.

“The Humor On Hold content is simply outstanding! The clever humor that Scott creates can’t be beat. I laugh so hard when he sends me a script.”

There are benefits beyond the laughter, too. “I believe it relaxes our callers. Not many people are happy when their vehicle needs attention. The humor puts them in a better mood.”

And Lakeland’s callers actively listen to our unique content. “I get business owners asking us all the time who does our productions,” wrote Chris. “We actually have callers who ask to be put on hold so they can listen to the entire production!”

Humor On Hold Page

In early 2024, we proposed an idea to help Chris get even more value from Lakeland’s On Hold Marketing. We suggested that he add a dedicated Humor On Hold page to his website.

Now, when callers ask to be placed back on hold, the phone staff can direct them to the web page where they can listen to the complete library of Lakeland’s humor at their leisure. Chris can also push out the entire page or individual videos as social content.

Great Feedback

Since 2018, we’ve won many marketing awards for the Humor On Hold we’ve created for Lakeland Auto and Marine. Here’s the list.

  • 2023 Gold Communicator Award
  • 2023 MARCE Judge’s Choice Award
  • 2022 Platinum MarCom Award
  • 2022 Gold Communicator Award
  • 2021 Bronze ADDY Award
  • 2021 Gold Communicator Award
  • 2020 Gold MarCom Award
  • 2020 Gold Communicator Award
  • 2019 Platinum MarCom Award
  • 2019 Silver Communicator Award
  • 2018 Silver ADDY Award
  • 2018 Platinum MarCom Award

Client Review

“Vendors and customers call us and just laugh,” Chris wrote. “We actually changed our phone set-up to feature the On Hold Marketing. The feedback has been absolutely fantastic. Just phenomenal. I really mean this – it’s truly been enjoyable working with you. I appreciate what you do for us. Great job.”

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