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In business since 1946, Binkelman is a full-line industrial parts distributor specializing in bearings, hoses, rubber products and conveyer components. BusinessVoice began providing the company’s On Hold Marketing in 1996.

Through our sister agencies, we also provide Binkelman with blog content and email marketing. We created a humorous four-video campaign for them, too. Watch the videos here.

Caller Experience Marketing Goals

Binkelman relies on our Humor On Hold to keep their callers entertained and laughing.

“When I would be at conventions, I’d tell people about the kind of On Hold Marketing we have,” said Binkelman CEO Dan Kazmierczak. “Then, I’m out in Vegas, calling back to the office, having myself put on hold so the rest of the people at the convention could hear it. And they’re laughing because it’s just so funny. Your service is very valuable to us.”

The Binkelman team knows first-hand that our unique approach differentiates their brand and shortens perceived hold times. The strategy is to entertain callers first. Once we have their attention, we can slip in valuable information.

“We love the laughs BusinessVoice has provided to our customers over the years,” wrote Rebecca Conrad. “We’ve had multiple occasions where our callers want to go back on hold to hear the remainder of the script.”


On Hold Marketing
  • Binkelman TV
  • Binkelman Bus Tour
  • Binkelman Holiday Parade

The humorous content we create for Binkelman has earned many awards for creative and marketing excellence. These are a few of the comments award show judges have written about our work for Binkelman:

  • “Really well written and the voice actors were spot on. I laughed several times. Very funny!”
  • “Nice delivery of the humor!”
  • “Terrific!”
  • “Excellent and funny. Love the multiple voiceovers.”
  • “Actually made me laugh. Funny and well-written.”
  • “Good job on the writing and the production.”
  • “Good strategy. Useful and entertaining content.”
  • “The entry met its goals and more: entertain, then inform. Very important.”
  • “Well executed. Seriously, very well done. Kept me listening; featured the product lines well.”
  • “This is one of the best examples of how you can engage callers needing serious products.”

“I just got done reading the On Hold Marketing script and laughed the entire time. It was awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever read copy that had me laughing so hard.”
Mike Richardson / Binkelman Corp.