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National Humor Month Can Be a Year-Round Inspiration

By Scott Greggory

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April is National Humor Month. It began in 1976 as a way to reinforce the value of laughter in our lives – its ability to ease stress, release feel-good endorphins and even unite people.

Despite humor’s many benefits, though, relatively few brands take a humorous approach with their marketing. While that’s bad news for consumers, it’s a good opportunity for you and your company to stand out by applying a funny attitude to your copy and content.

Dan Kazmierczak is the CEO of Binkelman Corporation, a company that’s used Humor On Hold from BusinessVoice since 1996. He said, “When I would be at conventions, I’d tell people about the kind of On Hold Messaging we have. Then, when I was out in Vegas one time, I called back to the office and had myself put on hold so the people at the convention could hear it. And they were laughing because it’s just so funny. Your service is very valuable to us.” (Listen to a sample.)

The company’s Marketing Manager Rebecca Conrad agrees. “We love the laughs BusinessVoice has provided to our customers over the years through their creative On Hold Marketing.”

Chris Hamman is another believer. He’s the President of Lakeland Auto and Marine in Port Clinton, Ohio. He wrote, “I wish I had more time to forward you all the great feedback we get.” (Have a listen.)

It’s important to remember that the Humor On Hold audience has already made the decision to call the company. That means that, unlike funny TV or radio commercials, humorous content on hold doesn’t need to do the heavy lifting of driving people to an initial action – in this case, making a phone call.

Being placed on hold, though, is almost always perceived as a negative. That’s why Humor On Hold shines. It can change that negativity to a feeling of surprise and delight.

When executed well, Humor On Hold stands in dramatic contrast to the typically underwhelming on hold content that most companies provide. Using humor in the on hold channel is, in fact, a unique choice. So, callers may even interpret it as a thoughtful “gift” the company has chosen to give its customers.

Susan Penman is the Sales Director for Town and Country Hotel in San Diego, a BusinessVoice client. She said, “We have people call us back and ask us to be put on hold because they want to share it with their friends. We love the humorous approach.” (Listen here.)

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