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Why You Should Risk Being Funny

By Scott Greggory

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Mark Twain said that “Humor is mankind’s blessing.” I couldn’t agree more. Show me the person who wants less humor in his life, who’d rather enjoy fewer sincere laughs, and I’ll show you a corpse.

People actively look for ways to laugh, whether it’s by watching a goofy movie, going to a comedy club, or hanging around the funny lady at a party. So, think how delighted they are when they stumble into laughs they’re not expecting.

The “Danger” of Humor

We know of an On Hold Marketing provider that discourages “all-out humor” because it may not be funny to every caller.

But isn’t it worth taking a chance on strengthening bonds with customers who like the way you think and present your brand, rather than risk making no memorable impression on anyone?

We think it is. Might Humor On Hold™ alienate a few callers? It’s possible. But it’s more likely that people will appreciate your fun approach to marketing, that they’ll identify with your brand more intensely, and that, maybe, they’ll tell others about the great experience they had calling your company.

Here are a few of the things that people have written about our Humor On Hold™.

“I absolutely loved the humorous material that plays when a person is on hold. Absolutely brilliant! Some of it cracked me up. Couldn’t stop listening!” – Blake Bishop / Bryant Better Hearing

“Superbly written copy and extremely dry humor that was a perfect match for what could’ve been a dull subject. I laughed out loud at points, and when a caller starts with that reaction, it’s a great way to start a conversation.” – Jim Hausfeld / OHMA’s MARCE Awards Judge

“You know, we get people who ask us to put them back on hold.” – Eric Smith / Binkelman Corporation

We can put the positive power of Humor On Hold™ to work for your brand, encouraging good feelings, easing caller stress, and creating memorable experiences for your customers.

Want to talk possibilities? Email Steve Evert or call +1 800.473.9005.