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Meeting Caller Expectations

By Scott Greggory

Torn Paper Bottom Edge

When people watch TV or listen to radio, they expect the programming to be interrupted by commercials now and then. That’s the price we pay for “free” programming.

But when customers call your company, they expect to talk with you right away. Any time they spend on hold – interrupted from their reason for calling – is potentially frustrating.

Steve Ferrante, the expert sales trainer who leads our Telephone Etiquette program, says that “resistance is greater on the phone.” In other words, if a person walks into your store, she’s committed herself at least somewhat to buying from your company. But when calling your store, it’s much easier for that same person to end any hope of a conversation, simply by hanging up.

That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to invest in On Hold Marketing that contributes to a valuable caller experience.

At BusinessVoice, our internal discussions about OHM content are always centered on delivering value to callers; creating a unique and memorable experience; and producing On Hold Marketing that eliminates any desire for callers to disconnect.

Long ago – 1989, more precisely – we committed ourselves to the on hold channel, and to helping our clients make the most of the time their callers spend on hold.

To us, On Hold Marketing is not fluff. It’s a legitimate opportunity to inform, excite, and even entertain callers, all while ushering them into your business and the next step in your relationship.