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Don’t Let the Radio Station Produce Your Commercials

By Scott Greggory

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I worked in radio for about a dozen years. During that time I was often frustrated by how little care went into creating commercials.

The discovery process (if there was one at all), the writing, voiceover and production were consistently rushed in order to “just get it done.” One take was good enough. The first mix was fine.

That assembly line mentality left little room for creative thought. And the attitude was maddening because it almost always resulted in an inferior product for the client and the audience.

I still hear that lack of effort in local radio spots today.

The main reason: radio stations are not in the business of creating memorable commercials; they exist to sell air time. And since radio’s ownership regulations were relaxed in 1996, the creative void has only deepened.

So what do you do if you want to make lasting impressions on radio listeners?

Start by talking with us or another agency whose creative and strategic ideas you like.

Our process includes an ongoing conversation about your short and long-term needs, how radio can address those needs, where you should place your spots, the creative direction of your radio campaign and how it will reinforce or complement your brand. Then, we carefully craft your copy and the audio elements that make up your radio commercials – all with the goal of helping people remember and react to your message.

Here are a few of the responses our clients have had to our radio creative and production:

“I love you! You have been amazing to me. This is spot on. No pun intended. Thank you for your professionalism and your patience with my radio spot!” – Joanna Hunter / Kingston

“It sounds awesome! Well done, as usual.” – Chris Mitsos / Mountain View Tire

“I think the commercials are brilliant.” – Nick Heath / Revere

“I got the scripts and rough cut of our new commercials yesterday and they sound great.” – James Cook / Ray’s Trash Service

Take a listen to a few of the radio commercials we’ve created in the video players below. And drop me an email or call me at +1 419.724.7330 to talk about your radio spots.