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The “Who Cares?” Rule in Marketing

By Scott Greggory

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When crafting advertising or marketing content for your company, you may want to include as many details about your product as possible. That’s understandable.

But that approach won’t necessarily serve you best, because it doesn’t typically serve your audience best.

We call it our “Who Cares?” rule. It’s the concept of deleting content that’s not specifically aimed at your target. If your audience can’t act on the information or if it doesn’t help them make a buying decision, cut it or re-work it to address their interests or needs.

For example, you may be proud of your company’s latest achievement, but if you can’t present that news in a way that’s valuable to potential customers, who cares?

And that rule doesn’t just apply to the main ideas in your ad, radio spot or blog post; it applies to individual words, too. Aim to use fewer words that make a stronger impact.

How This Affects Your On Hold Marketing

Customers can’t make a purchase on hold like they can online. So, On Hold Marketing content is often used to generate interest in a subject and encourage callers to take the next step, whether it’s ordering a certain product or requesting more information. Since we never know how long each caller will be on hold, it’s important to present complete thoughts as quickly as possible. That means using concise copy that inspires callers to respond to specific calls to action.

Whenever you’re creating any type of marketing materials, keep the “Who Cares?” rule in mind to tightly focus your message on your audience and make it easier for them to absorb and retain.