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Technical Questions from On Hold Marketing Buyers

By Scott Greggory

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“Will your equipment work with my phone system?”

“Can you coordinate the installation of our system?”

“Could you send our On Hold Marketing production as a 16-bit, 8-kHz ulaw wav file?”

“I.T. won’t allow anyone to access our network. Do you have other remote-load options?

“Can you spot check to verify that our I.T. team is loading the audio file on time?”

Those are a few of the questions we hear often from people who are evaluating our On Hold Marketing and call center Recording services.

Our Answers Are Nearly Always Good News

“We’ve worked with almost every type of phone system out there,” said BusinessVoice Senior Account Manager Brian Burk. “We have decades of experience with matching On Hold Marketing systems to telephone systems. And we’re always happy to work directly with phone vendors to find the best possible solution for a client.”

We developed our Telephone Compatibility Guide in the early 1990s, and have updated it ever since. We’ve also built a network of trusted telephone and digital equipment professionals that we can rely on for insight.

“We are very focused on the needs of marketers,” said BusinessVoice Director Steve Evert. “So, in order to meet each client’s marketing goals, we work closely with their phone vendors and I.T. staff members to make sure the content keeps flowing to callers on hold.”

Have a question about On Hold MarketingCall Center Recordings or any of our other services and how they can work in your telephone environment? Call +1 800.473.9005 or email Steve Evert. We’ll be glad to help.