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Budgeting for Change

By Scott Greggory

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How frequently does your business change? And have you budgeted the necessary resources to communicate those changes?

From minor policy tweaks to a major brand overhaul, your company might undergo dozens of noteworthy changes each year.

You might announce the most obvious of those changes on your website and social channels, but there may be more subtle shifts you should also tell your callers about.

For instance, have you reduced the size of your staff recently? That may impact the hold times your callers experience. Use your call center recordings and On Hold Marketing content to explain the reason for the longer waits, along with your plans to fix the problem and any available options, such as choosing to receive a call back.

Or maybe you just hired a few new team members. Be sure to add their relevant information to your call center recordings so customers know how to reach those people.

Have you updated your brand standards to reflect a fresh copy style, a new positioning statement or key product descriptors? Your callers should always hear the latest version of your brand. So, maintain consistent messaging with them by revising your in-queue and on hold language as necessary.

Typically, the more touchpoints you offer customers, the more money you’ll need to allot for updating brand elements. But with an ongoing Caller Experience Marketing program that includes all content updates, you may not need to spend a single new dollar to ensure that prospects and customers hear the latest information about your company.

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