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The First Step in Addressing Caller Experience Trouble

By Scott Greggory

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You started out with the best intentions.

You answered each incoming call quickly.

You emphasized the importance of providing genuinely friendly service on the phone.

You worked to keep callers on hold only as long as necessary.

You valued callers as much as any customer standing right in front of you.

But, as they often do, things changed.

Your company grew and, as you added employees, the quality of your telephone training dropped.

You let technology pass by, so your callers had fewer options than those of your competitors.

Your company’s new leadership team didn’t prioritize callers, even though they were customers.

Your IT department took over the company’s phone system. Since their priority wasn’t customer service, marketing or delivering a memorable experience, call abandonment rose, cross-selling opportunities dried up and your reputation suffered.

While growth can be positive, it often comes at the expense of customer care at many touchpoints, including the telephone.

The first step to fixing the problem is a Caller Experience Audit. It’s a third-party review of every aspect of what people encounter when they call your company, plus an in-depth analysis and recommendations on how to fix any weaknesses. The process can also be applied to your other marketing channels.

Establishing high standards and solid systems doesn’t guarantee flawless execution. It won’t account for changing technology and evolving customer expectations either. Putting your caller experience through an audit will identify problems you likely haven’t noticed yet and help you meet your high standards. Details here.